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We mentioned them in the "What's in your iPod..." section a while ago, but wanted to give them a bit MORE love here. Smile

One of our very favorite unsigned/unreleased bands LILOFEE has just released their first 7" single "Runaway" (b-side "In Flight") on Future Sounds records on 12.1.09 with an early 2010 album release.

--> But they've got an album worth of tracks on their Myspace page available for purchase now, so no need to wait.

We've been obsessing over their tracks "Lock & Key" and "Destroy Me" off their demo album for months, so can't wait to see them BLOW UP!

Fans of electrorock/pop artists like The Gossip, Santigold, CSS, Siobhan Fahey, La Roux etc. will be especially interested.

Lilofee on Myspace

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