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We FINALLY saw "Liquid Sky" tonight after years and years of hearing about it...

OF COURSE we paid very close attention to the credits Smile

A few of questions:

1. Daddy, what scene(s) were you in? We didn't see you!

2. Fess up. Who else was in it?

3. What club was it shot in? That neon was out-of-control!

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Here's the story.
I actually had a big(er) part. I think I was suppose to play the club owner. (funny how things work out) I just couldn't get up in time to ever make my scenes. See I had just met this bleach blonde glamour girl named Chi Chi Valenti and SHE WORE ME OUT!!!!!!!! So by the time I got to the club (it was called The Cavern BTW) the crazy Russian director had already shot my scenes. (I would have done the same thing). I then played some other character and had a line or two. The version that you watched was not the original edit. The first one was alot longer (dreadfull). So I ended up on the cutting room floor but my credit stayed in. I only saw it once (that was enough) in like 1980 but I'm told that I actually am in it if you slow it down (or pause it or play it backward or something). I have a couple other movie near misses but I won't tell you about them untill I'm actually outed.
I was almost in it too! I auditioned for the part of the girlfriend. You know, the one who wears the sleep mask on her head.

Ann Magnuson suggested that these people call me to read for the part.

So, I went to Ann Carlysle's loft on 14th Street at 10:30 in the morning and was greeted by her wearing that same wacky makeup she wears in the movie. She was in a wheelchair with her ankles bandaged up and wearing platform shoes. She said she had sprained her ankles falling off the shoes and that she needed to wear them to keep her feet in the right position... while sitting in a wheelchair.

She told me I would have to do some "intense" things in the movie. I was like, sure, I don't care. Then she gave me the script and put me in a little room to learn my scene. Looking at the script I realized that being in this movie would be a major embarrassment. I wandered into the kitchen and saw a half gallon bottle of vodka - perfect for my jittery nerves. I poured a tumbler full and brought it back to the room.

By the time they came to get me, I was so drunk! My first line was, "So you got fucked by some freak from New Jersey, big deal!" I giggled through the whole scene and don't even remember walking home afterward.

Oh, and that character was supposed to be Adele Bertei!
Pops you are killing me with that story. I remember Ann Carlysle in that wheel chair. She was such a nut. What ever happened to her?
And Maki,
Leave it to you to find that site.
I can't believe it says "no head shot available" when you click on my name. I mean they have some of Vin Deisel for his movies! I mean my abs are as good as his. Just look at my avatar.
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Ann Magnuson and I were at the club when they were filming the "Me and My Rhythm Box/fashion show" scene. We were scoping out the place because we were doing a big Pulsallama show the next night. I remember we laughed our asses off! Really, we were literally crying with laughter. When that movie was being filmed, everyone in the downtown club scene was talking about it - well, actually making fun of it. Liquid Sky was a laughing stock. I'm so glad I didn't get that part. It would have been me doing that ridiculous rhythm box number and saying stuff like, "my pussy is lethal"! I've done plenty of embarrassing stuff, but at least not on film.
Oh, I'm sorry I'm ragging on this movie and everyone likes it. It's just that, you know, imagine you're 21 years old and these kooky Russians come to town and make a movie about your scene. Except it doesn't resemble anything that's actually happening. Or rather it does, but in a really twisted, outsider way. I'll admit all these years later it's pretty funny to see.

I suggest a double feature with Times Square. According to Ann Carlysle, the butch character in that one is supposed to be Adele Bertei too. (She gave me an earful that day, before I got rip-roaring drunk.) She had an axe to grind and she got her revenge with that girlfriend character!
I read through this string and had to pull out (heh heh... "pull out".... heh...) my Liquid Sky DVD when I saw that daddy was in the movie. I think I found him. In the actual movie he walks by at 4'45" for just a quick second before Anne Carlisle as Jimmy axes Adrian "Do you have any stuff?". And then on the DVD there's an alternate beginning to the movie, and toward the end of the alternate beginning daddy is standing there for about ten seconds talking to a girl (but you can't hear what he's saying although you see his lips moving), and then it cuts to a dancefloor scene, and then the girl and daddy walk by "Jimmy" (in the original beginning you only see daddy walk by). I took two stills from the TV with my digital camera, but I don't have attachment privileges. I'll email them to daddy and if that's him maybe he'll post them.

You're too old, you're somebody's mom, that outfit you wearin' is not the bomb.
OK, you got me.
It's me.
Rock-A-Billy hair do and all.
I'm so embarassed. I hope you're happy.

I loved that jacket. It was this gorgeous soft leather cowboy jacket. White, gold, black and a little red. Elvis would have KILLED for that coat. I wish I still had it.
(It's also the same one I'm wearing in my famous Robert Mapplethorpe portrait for all you '80's wankers!)

OK here are the pics.
Have your way with me.


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Wasn't the full name of the place Cowboys and Cowgirls? Just down the block from Rounds? And there was another bar too, whose name I can't remember.
I seem to remember one of the "customers" of note was Vladmir Horowitz whose
Adagio et Cantible figured prominently ( and fittingly) on the Interview With A Vampire soundtrack.
Those jeans, though... Seventies sweetie, early seventies.
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...Has me howling, as usual! I didn't realize the Adele Bertei connection, but now come to think of it...
I only really got to know Adele well post- Build Me A Bridge, but I realized she was a terror. She once kicked the queeny Pyramid bar-manager du jour, Peter Plourde right in the balls, when he suggested she should do something like pay some money for her drink or not hoover up coke from the bar surface!
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Whadda ya mean EARLY Seventies?!!!
I got 'em in a thrift store.
Yeah, that's right. A thrift store.
Why I oughta...

And Adele Bertei,
What a holy terror! She was my bud. She lives in London now. She came to Magique one night though. I went over to her table. It was like being on The Isle Of Lesbos! Some things never change.

If anyone starts posting stills from my famous "Ping Pong Ball scene" in BACK DOOR LAMBADA I'm outa here!

(and I actually did get those jeans at The Salvation Army. They were women's jeans but they made my basket really "pop". They were my lucky jean$).
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Oh wow, when I read that daddy was also in Backdoor Lambada, I just had to go pull out my copy and see if I could find him. It was a little more difficult than finding him in Liquid Sky, but I think I found him. I took this picture with my digital camera of the TV screen:



It was a little more difficult trying to recognize him from behind, but the ping pong ball gave him away....

I lost my gag reflex and all you got was this lousy message board posting.

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