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I know a lot of people on The Motherboards seeing these pictures were never at "Jackie 60" and may not understand.

"Jackie 60" was a party from 1990 - 2000.
Every Tuesday night there was a different theme. Some themes were twisted and complicated, and some were just stupid and fun, like "Little Rascals".
Patrons were encouraged (OK, forced by Kitty Boots) to dress for the themes and participate.
These pictures are not from a "play". This was just some of the madness from the night. We called this "Method Go Go". (The Empress coined the phrase).
We would suppply the stage and the stage set, props, etc. and then we would let it happen.
Some people were paid to "go go".
They would get into character and be that person all night (and sometimes WELL into the next day!)
But "customers" could also be "drafted" if their look was right and we thought they would add a little something to the story.
Many stars were born on the infamous Jackie 60 stage and many lives were ruined.
Good times.
I just saw this up on YouTube and peed my pants!

Little Rascals.

Jackie 60 remembers the Hal Roach Studios in this truly 'Jackie 60 " version of the "Little Racal's"
Poison Eve as Spanky
Princess Zoria as Darla
Paul Alexander as Buckwheat
Lyle Derek as Wheezer
Michael Angelo as Alfalfa
Hattie Hathaway as Miss Crabtree
With a very Special appearance by Johnny Dynel as Butch
In "LETS PUT ON A SHOW" from the last year of the legendary NY night club JACKIE 60's famous performance "GO GO" .
Jackie 60 was Located at 875 Washington Street, NYC, NY
Wait until you see the movie!
These are all just little bits of the movie that sneak out.

And in answer to the next question...
I think it should come out for the 10th anniversary. It already looks like ancient herstory but in another year or two (when they mow down China Town and build a golf course) it will really look unbelievable.
Did you catch any of the comments?
Everyone hated it.
They thought it was "Gay Performance Art" and "The Devil's work" etc..
Then someone came on and defended it by saying, "Yes, they're a little light in the loafers but not of the devil."

"LIGHT IN THE LOAFERS"?!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was howling.
I never heard that before.
I love it.
Anyone remember HAPI PHACE,....I think he was killed by TV ADDICTION...but not so long a relative in 3 or 4 years ago...He and I visited HAL ROACH's grave...the creator of Lil Rascals. It's in the samew Elmira NY graveyard as Mark Twain,...but the more memorable thing was..right off from Twain's grave was this HUGE boulder with a 3 foot steel plaque of some Captain Ugly and his frumpy bespectacled wife. Like they competed,...and IN a WAY, Twain's grave was ORDINARY. This thing was a freakshow of overdoing it.

If I recall right, Hapi said, " I think I saw a SIZZLER on the way into town."


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