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What can I say about Liz Phair? I love her! Her music is just so - so intellectual and catchy. So art school!
I was sitting not 2 days ago
feeling lonely cuz I was feeling low
and I asked henry my bartending friend
if I should bother dating un-famous men
and henry said "you're lucky to even know me.
you're lucky to be alive
you're lucky to be drinking here for free
cuz Im a sucker for your lucky pretty eyes"
and then he said
"do you wanna be a polyester bride?
do you wanna hang your head and die?
do you wanna find alligator cowboy boots they just put on sale?
do you wanna flap your wings and fly
away from here? Princess, do you?"

from White Chocolate Space Egg, 1998

The photoshoot for her new record works all my glamour-grunge buttons..
The song "why cant I" is pure pop fabulousness. Maybe this album they'll actually play on the radio. We can only hope Liz will start getting the respect she deserves!

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Liz Phair ROCKS!

I first got interested in this awesome hunkstress a few years ago when I heard the Fuck And Run bootleg album. Tomorrow (june 24) is the official release of her new album. My New Underwear is one of the tracks on it!!

Ya see, Madonna and old dilapidated hoe's like that are OLD HAT. Maybe once they were cool - but no mas. So, phuck 'em! Now, it is up-to-date rockers like Liz Phair who are really where it's at!

Liz Phair Website

Wo- Wo!!!!
I hate to piss all over the floor here... but... I really think that Liz Phair is just an adult Avril Lavigne (sp).... Liz was just a decent rocky chick.. but all of a sudden she hired a stylist who has created a marketed image.... same thing just recently happened with Jewel (what's up with uptight poet girl suddendly dressin like Carmen Elektra)... its all a cry for record sales.. to me this ain't the rock ethic... but i guess i am ole fashioned and still listening to the Clash... BTW, anyone see that ABC documentary about Avril... it was almost like a comedy parody her faining disintrest and boredom all the time... it was a hoot..
I guess she got tired of never getting played on the radio. stylists, I understand - as long as they do WHAT I WANT TO THEM TO DO (evil laugh). I mean, who doesnt want to get up in the morning looking like Jennifer Aniston?? have a blow out, git yer makeup dun by somebody else - its all good! I personally cannot believe she hired a songwriting team - especially THAT ONE. the world is going to hell. liz - what happened?
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Well, she's obviously out to piss off her fans, who are usually rather possesive. It's something to have a provocative image, I guess, but she was more interesting as a singer-songwriter than a blonde in a thong w/ a song on the radio. Maybe she's bored. I've had a feeling for a long time that she doesn't know what to do next. Everyone will note: at least it got us talking about her.
Jade, we finally agree!! When Courtney Love cleaned up her "grunge" look, she was dissed by all her so-called "fans". Courtney's still around and rockin fiercer than ever. So it is with Liz.

Hey, if alternative performers like Ani DeFranco want to look like street urchins and swim against the current, that's their business... Likewise for Liz. If she wants to show the world what a good lookin chica she is and sell more records in the process, then the more power to her.

Life's too short to mess around!
Too bad the new album is disappointingly a pop sell-out, but I love the work she has done prior to it, and I'm sure she has more goodies to come.

One of my favorites: Johnny Feelgood

Johnny Feelgood, Johnny right on
Johnny miss you, Johnny light on
Johnny makes me feel strangely good about myself
Moderation is a memory
Dive right in and let him send me
I could take this in doses large enough to kill...

I never met a man who was so pretty inside
he's got diamonds on the bed of his thumbnails and I
Never realized I was so dirty and dry
Till he knocked me down, started dragging me around in the
Back of his convertible car...

And I liked it
I liked it more and more
Crimson and Clover, soon he's taken over all my senses.....


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