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Anyone Know This Woman?
From the NY Daily News:
- A New York artist known for her colorful canvases of drag queens and gay pride parades gave $1,000 to help pass California's ban on same-sex marriage.

Maureen Mullarkey, 66, made her sizable contribution to the National Organization for Marriage's "Yes on 8" fund in June, a Daily News review of campaign records found.

The Westchester County woman was one of tens of thousands who poured a total of more than $40 million into the coffers of Proposition 8 support groups - money that helped convince California voters to overturn an earlier court decision granting gays the right to marry in the Golden State.

Questioned outside her home in tony Chappaqua - the same town where Bill and Hillary Clinton live - she refused to discuss her donation last night.

When asked how she could have donated money to fight gay marriage after making money from her depictions of gays, she just said, "So?"

"If you write that story, I'll sue you," she said.

On her Web site, Mullarkey says gay parades are a "marvelous spectacle" and "assertion of solidarity."

"It is an erotic celebration loosed for a day to keep us all mindful that Dionysus is alive, powerful and under our own porch," said Mullarkey, a former art critic for the now-defunct New York Sun.

Gay activists felt betrayed at word of Mullarkey's donation.

"If I were a buyer of her work, I wouldn't buy it anymore," said Charles Leslie, co-founder of Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation in Manhattan.

Leslie stopped short of calling for a boycott of Mullarkey's work, but the threat of boycotts was part of the reason supporters of Proposition 8 asked a judge to keep secret the names of most donors.

The federal judge denied the request last Thursday.

PS: I just found a link to the paperwork documenting her donation of $500 to the Swift Boat Veterans. She's a real cookie.
PPS: Is that a painting of Daddy Dynell?
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What a SCANDAL, Missy!

And the painting is weird - those look like the purple robes Kitty made years ago for "Jackie Joins A Cult" at J60, but I dont remember that we ever used them in the Gay Pride parade...weird all the way around..

Go Miss Understood Marple!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is Chi Chi posting from daddy's computer - oops, didnt notice he was logged in..
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So she didn't even use the "my church made me do it" excuse like all the others?

Paintings take such time and passion, it seems hard to believe she would choose to paint subjects she later pay to repress...

I guess there's no chance she was just really confused on what side she was contributing to given she also contributed to the swift boaters too. Frown
Yeah, she's a right wing religious Catholic nut. Here is a small blurb she wrote in 2004 against marriage: CLICK HERE

Also today she answered criticism with this contradictory hot air:

Mullarkey likened the attacks to Nazi "brownshirt tactics." "Artists are not in the habit of imposing ideological conformity on one another or demanding it from others," she said. "Moreover, regard for individual gay persons does not require assent to a politicized assault on bedrock social reality and the common good."

I know she's not a politician or a very powerful person but she still deserves to made example of. People cannot think they ca be this two-faced and not be called on it.
Yes Maureen, everyone who disagrees who doesn't approve of you is therefor a Nazi. Imposing ideological conformity? Isn't that what she's doing?
She sounds like a Simpleton.

It is obvious from her 2004 post that what she doesn't get is that "marriage" without the State/Federally recognized license is just a ceremony.

What people want is the legal piece of paper and the 1138 Right and Responsibilities that come with that legal piece of paper.

And she's full of shit for thinking that calling out her hypocrisy is even coming close to equaling a $1000 donation to the repression of rights, let alone comparing it to "brownshirt tactics."

It's not like anyone is saying she can only paint scenes of the Knights of Columbus and Mormons.


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