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Had to be in LA for a couple days last week.

In LA an elevator can be a shrine full of the phoney spell that celebrities stand under.

Ran in to this public memorial.

It lends some existential insight in to LA, politics, warped cultural values in the region, and the totally appropriate substancelessness of their language.

There's more than one kind of smog in LA.


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This amazes me to no end! Now an elevator can have it's 15 minutes , really? Does that make me feel better to be in the actual elevator where something was filmed? is it covering the maintenance/inspection certificate? they should start putting memorials on toilets where celebrities last took a shit, or vomit into......
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Every time i'm in LA my heart sinks a little bit, but that definitely has something to do with the fact that i arrived in the city when I was 18 and just coming into my sexuality. West Hollywood is not the most hospitable environment for a burgeoning queer! Thus, I admit that going to LA may be something akin to a Vietnam vet going back to Hanoi. Driving down Santa Monica Boulevard kicks in my PTSD!

That said, it has been refreshing to see that there is an alt/queer scene emerging in the city. Most recently I visited the Friday night party "Shits and Giggles" at 740 Broadway. The venue is AMAZING! It's an old Broadway-style theater with multiple balconies. The real estate/rental market in downtown LA must really be in the shitter. You'd never have such a fierce and gargantuan space in Manhattan that would be available to 200 - 300 alterna-queers and trannies for a club with a $5 cover on a Friday night!!! Whatever. These kids are working it.

I have to say that the music the night we went was kind of dreadful... like a 90's rave, or something I might have heard at RAGE on Santa Monica Blvd back in, oh,'91. However, the DJs seem to change quite a bit. This Friday one of my fave SF DJs will be spinning - DJ Bus Station John. He spins dirty, bath house disco at parties like Tubesteak and Manquake in SF. The following Friday (after Thanksgiving) the DJ Collective Honey Soundsystem will be spinning. I'm going to be in LA to help my friend Kristin move, and we'll be there to get our groove thang on.

You should definitely check this party out, and help make it a thriving success. LA needs an antidote to the WEHO scene, and this gang is on to something.


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