I loved love machine on tuesday nights at Palace in union square. The best diverse crowd and not too big and not too small. I miss those days!
also seeing page go go dancing!
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Ha! Hadn't seen this before. Page! I saw her for the first time in ages and ages at Linda Simpson's birthday bash at Lips last week... Page! Are you out there???
I heard something about the Love Machine djs having a new venue or clubnight in Brooklyn. Does anyone have information?
It is quite different from Love Machine but you did hear right in a way - Larry Tee ex DJ of Love Machine does a party in Brooklyn on Saturday nights at a punk club called Luxx. Its in Williamsburg and last time I went Dee Finley (J60 butch legend) was working there at the door.

Recently known for his "Electroclash" music (which should be familiar to ex-Click regulars its a similar soundtrack to Load Rezenhands)
Larry is definitely back on the scene.

I noticed from another post of yours that you said youd be in NY in February. Did that ever happen or are you "elsewhere"?

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