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LUCIANO, REBOOT, ROBERT DIETZ | Cadenza Vagabundos | Fri. Dec 10

Friday December 10
Pacha NYC presents ...



Part of the 5 Year Pacha NYC Anniversary Celebration

Back in May, Luciano made an unexpected move that rocked Ibiza: The master of techno and house (with a Chilean flare), and poster boy for DC10’s Monday morning Bacchanal Circoloco, announced that he was packing up his tricks and taking them across the island to Pacha for the 2010 party season.

After a magical summer at Pacha Ibiza that brought the distinctive Cadenza sound to a whole new audience, Luciano and his Vagabundos crew are extending his association with the brand with a one-night-only, unmissable appearance at Pacha New York, kicking off week two of its 5-Year Anniversary celebration.

The night will offer more than just great music: It will be a full-fledged experience the likes of which have never been seen inside Pacha’s four walls. A full stage set, chandeliers, trunks, vintage posters, and umbrellas will transport guests back to the ‘30s, when the vagabundos, or vagabonds – think wanderers, tramps, or as Luciano has conceived them, slightly ghoulish carnies – first roamed. Pacha’s legendary dancers will join the costumed fun, while a makeup artist transforms any willing patron into a vagabundo. Plus, they’ll be Vagabundos-branded top hats for everyone, and that infamous red velvet curtain, which drops to conclude Luciano’s performance – just like in Ibiza.

Luciano will be joined by Robert Dietz, whose first Cadenza release “Home Run” came out in July; and Reboot, one of the hottest producers of the year, whose techy tracks “Shunyata” and “Hermano” rocked the summer.

Check out the Anniversary mini-site here:

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Doors open 10pm
Table Reservations 212.209.7500

Pacha NYC
618 W.46th St.
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