Am SURE somewhere on these here Boards is a tribute to Marc Bolan (but I couldn't find it!) Saw a lil documentary about him last night an was reminded how fab he was, his fanciful images/performance that cheeky ambisexual glint and some classic songs. I remember this particular performance when I was a kid on a tv show called Supersonic... classic

I miss the late 70s/80s when all the boys in my gang wore eye liner and wanted to be Marc or Bowie or Roxy - that foppish frisky image. People didn't draw the line on sexuality since people like Mick Jagger, Bowie etc were all flirting so publically. It's so divided these days and everyone has to pick a team an stay within those boundaries.....

Check out some of the ole "Marc" show footage (he had his own tv show that was on at 4pm when i got home from school). Legendary.
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No luvie he wasn't a child molester... that was Gary Glitter (which by the way "gary-glitter" is also cockney rhymn slang for 'shitter' as in...'he likes it in the gary glitter' thought you might enjoy that tid-bit).

Marc was beautiful... pretty pretty.


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That was my fave era I think for boys...when it was all very ambisexual - the Marc Bolan/Roxy/Bowie era. When boys were in eye liner and glitter and very Oscar Wilde foppish theatricals ruled the music stages. MARC (his tv show) like Supersonic TV show at that time was full of those theatrics... i loved it and miss it loads.

His son, Rolan Bolan does music too, but don't think he's too popular. bless

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