Marc has a costumed holiday ball every year.
This year the theme was a Venetian Ball.
I have to say, it was GORGEOUS!
At one point the DJ (Aaron Elvis) played Waltzes as millions of tiny white down feathers floated down like snow on everyone as they waltzed.
It was like a dream.
Our very own Miss Understood (and her Screaming Queens) were especially fabulous.

Anyway, the pictures are amazing.

This is a very irritating website but stick with it. The pictures are worth it.

1) Go to Marc Jacobs

2) Click on "EVENTS" at the top of the page.

3) Scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE RIGHT to see Ball pictures.

As I said the site is retarded and irritating but the pictures are amazing.
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Irritating doesn't even begin...

It's under the various Marc Jacobs Holiday Party 2006 icons,

They are gorrrgeous pics. But, who wrote the captions?
This was my fourth time working on this dazzling event. A lot of Downtown creative talent was involved. Hats off to Shelly Bomb, John Ed, and Miss Tickle, for turning out the gogo dancers and to Garo Sparo who worked on so many ensembles, his masterpiece being the emcee outfit worn by Anthony Lamont.
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