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Greetings from chilly New Orleans! I've ben here just about a week and it's been pretty damp and cold. Hopefully it will warm up soon. They say this is the earliest Mardi Gras since 1918 or somesuch. It's been fun so far: saw the Krewe of Barkus parade yesterday...yes, all dogs! The theme was Indiana Bones and Raiders of the Lost Bark. It started out in the big park on Rampart, a riot of doggie treats and silly wagons. Fun! Saw four parades on Saturday and caught about a ton of beads. It was different seeing them off of Canal. And our first full night here we saw the Krewe du Vieux parade, then attended their Ball. It was a blast! Oh the costumery!
Yesterday we checked out a sale of creative costumes by local artists and the lovely fashion show of same...I wish I'd had a few hundred to plunk down on the yummy stuff.
Well, that's the latest from the French Quarter. Hope to run into you and Basil, Mr. Joe! Look for me in my green velvet finery on Fat Tuesday, marching with the St. Anne parade! And Chi, I'll be sure to leave a swatch of spectacularness in honor of Dean when we arrive at the river.
Not this year...I just started a new job. You're looking at the executive chef of the New York Stock Exchange, baby.. However, I'd have fits of withdrawal if I didn't get to the quarter at least once a year. Lou and I are going for the French Quarter Festival in April. I am addicted to the Earth Cam which is showing all different balconies . We're having a Mardi Gras feast here at home this evening.
Laissez le bon temp roule!

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