I was never a fan of Marilyns ( ole Blitz kid bitch pal of Boy George's) ... but thought about her when Gavin from Bush got married as Gavin was one of Marilyns ole flames.... but just found this web site with a SHOCKING picture of how Marilyn looks NOW.... can this be real..anyone know!?? http://www.apeculture.com/marilyn.htm
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You made my day with that one Anna! I ALWAYS hated that bitch. Such an evil nightmare. I do love that recent picture of her though. What a cow!

She always blamed me for ruining her career for some reason. She always said that I was just a "frustrated pop star" and was just "jealous of her". Well, the whole story is in Boy George's book. Pretty funny.
What a hag! I will never forget the night she tried to pull off Baby Gregor's nose. Baby was dressed as a green-faced witch and was wearing a wonderful(and expensive) prosthetic nose. Marilyn tried to rip it off her face and Baby started a fistfight that went up and down Avenue A. Eventually Marilyn ran, but not before Baby had pulled out several of her horrible hair extensions. We nailed them up over the Pyramid Bar as a warning to all.
George has always had a hard time keeping the old weight down. Back in the day, mid eighties, he was really trying. He looked great but it was really alot of work. Marilyn would always go out and buy bags & bags of cookies and just leave them everywhere. And as anyone who has ever had a problem keeping their 6-pack abs knows...
bags & bags of cookies lying around is just evil.

(I know, I have to really work to keep my little picture to the left in shape.)
Space..do me a favor and watch Never Mind and tell us what s/he looks like... i'm sure she has hit the wall...fate/karma... Whoever books for that show has a fun job..Peter Burns one wk Marilyn the next... HA!
Anyone had any 'nice' dealings with George in the last few yrs? ages ago he was such a sweetie...and the last time I saw him he was just so 'showbiz' phoney it was so sad...bring back the pre-heroin Boy I say!
Now with Taboo doing well on stage i guess he will only get worse.....
I've seen him. He seems exactly the same to me. Lily stayed with him in London this past summer. Let's ask Lil.
By the way Lily played me some new songs George has done, GREAT!
Anna, I did watch the show on Monday and...She did look like that at 1st, while she had her hair tied back in a bun roll eyes (LoL) But, when she took it out, she looked exactly like she always has. I do think that picture is of her, though...maybe she's lost a few stone since then....and maybe a
her personality, too (she did not say much, at all) There is a small picture of Marilyn on that show in a magazine i have here...i'll scan and post it, if u like.
Obviously the one on the left is the young Queen Elizabeth II. She is probably being consoled on the occasion of the death of her father, the King, by the coniving Marilyn looking to advance her career.
She looks good though, I have to admit.

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