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I post Marilyn Manson up here as you's all rave about Pete Burns image and how fierce she is etc.. but i don't see much ORIGINAL in her BoyGeorge meets Amanda Lepore look.... I must say, I don't know really any of Mansons music but I do think with imagery his is fantastic.. his choice of people to work with is genius... they way he uses the mainstream media... the videos he does are fantastic...edgy and fascinating..
I know there are some Motherboardettes who know him... so please post!?
I do remember my ole ole ex Manny (Daddy u remember him!)going to the Limelight often to see them REAL back in the days thats when Manson was really flirting with bisexuality or smth - all i know is i remember Manny telling he Manson and the band were all getting head from blokes in the audience (bless im).
Anyway... the images are amazing... love him for also being able to be mainstream and still look good....
Why even I think he is sexy....!
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To put the digs on Ms. Burns Smile

We bought Manson's video collection last year, because it is just too good.

We loved his "Mechanical Animals" album (and hardcore fans will tell you that we suck for only liking that one) and bought the most recent one, but were disappointed.

We REALLY wanted his action figures, but never got our hands on them.

Sexy? Um. No. Hummers? Don't even want to think about it.



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