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hello... it's been a while... I posted in a past life... the boards are looking nice and shiny Chi Chi... keep up the good work

my latest obsession is Mathew Barney... one must appreciate a man who has procreated with Bjork and constantly uses his rectum in his performances

the Cremaster series are a dream .... really... about as close to a dream as I have seen anyone come to (at least my dreams) and for that I adore them


feed the fire of your desire...
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That Cremaster star ****** sometimes posts on these forums as ******?

Maybe she'll come on and answer some special cremaster questions... cool

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Oops - very sorry for the invasion of privacy above. I really thought this was more common knowledge than that. Many apologies **** ***** !

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hola popi....

funny this post gets tapped... I had no clue that Mr. Barney was so close to home yet again... I visited MoMA 2 days ago and they are showing a piece by him "Pace Car for the Hubris Pill"

from the program :

"Barney treats the body as a malleable, structurally modifiable field that can be turned inside out and worked upon to transgress its own limits."

ahhh... my obsession grows...


feed the fire of your desire...
Sounds like Matthew is doing a whole "number" for this show.
The Guggenheim presentation is larger in scope than it was at the European venues, and it will feature a site-specific installation designed by the artist to encapsulate and conclude the entire project.

I wonder if Michael O'Brien's photograohs will be in the show? They are amazing. (in case anyone hasn't seen them)
hey there...

oh! I hope that his images will be part of this greatness as it was what first pulled my attention...

I did not know that Mr.O'Brien was responsible for that infamous picture of Pearl as well... speaking of which whatever became of the stunning Pearl? He must have a post here...and if not he should...


feed the fire of your desire...
the fifth cremaster he made, i believe its cremaster 3, that came out this past summer, is my favorite. its three hours, indiana joneseqsue parts, his own father stars in one scene. it was really a wonderful wonderful beautifully photographed masterpiece. honestly, the cremaster series are not just movies, they are sculptures. timeless sculptures of fantasies and dreams, filled with idiosynchracies, morals, and ironies.
I think the first MB photo installation I saw was on the subway. I couldnt tear my eyes away from it all the way from battery park to union square. It was a photo of all these smiling chinese alien girl heads circled around a male alien head floating in an ambrosia-like substance. completely enthralling. possibly because they looked so funny and sweet and weird! Razz Eek
I went this past Monday, caught Cremasters 1 & 2, and saw part of the exhibition. It's mindblowing. And I was shocked at how the entire museum (the structure itself) is just transformed into his piece. I suggest getting a 2day pass, because there is just so much to take in. You don't have to use the pass in 2 consecutive days, either.

Marti was beautiful in Cremaster 1! Translated as sexy, whimsical tension.

Can't wait to get back to catch the rest.

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