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There's a cute gay club called Twist that has fun drag shows on Thursdays. The rest of the time it's the standard bitch house music, but it can be cute. Good for hooking up with Cuban trade. When I was there last year Crobar Miami had a huge Sunday night party with trannies, drag queens and freaks but I'm not sure if that's still going. There is also another cute gay club on Lincoln Road that has really good music with chairs and tables outside in front but I forget the name.
Being sick of the winter, the wind, the cold, me and my friend karen headed for miami, for no particular reason other than it's proximity to the equator.

It's a wild place. Hot (temperatures), and hot (a little sleazy). The locals steered us to the following places:

Twist (Washington and 11th St.) - we knew of this place from these boards, and it is such a party. We ended up there every night, leaving at about 4am, and the place was still nuts. 2 floors, dancing upstairs (for the patrons), dancing downstairs (gorgeous boys), an outdoor courtyard area. The crowd is mostly gay, but everyone is welcome here.

the Laundramat (Lincoln Rd mall area)- Thursday nights the early party is here. The back of this place does indeed, have washers and dryers, although nobody was using them when we were there. nice sized dance floor, and lots of wall mirrors. a bit more relaxed than the craziness at Twist.

Jade (north of Lincoln Rd mall area)- Friday nights are here. the music was different than the usual, driving beat stuff, with a few radio numbers remixed and spiced up. A huge bar takes up the majority of the first floor, and everyone sort of orbits around it. There is an upstairs area, but we never made it up there, as 2am rolled around fast, and it was off to Twist to end the night.

The Score (again, the Lincoln Rd. mall area) -Our last night was a saturday night, and we got out late, so we did'nt get to check this out. It's the place that has outdoor seating that Lex mentioned in an earlier post.

The Crobar (Washington and 12th ??) - sunday nights are gay, and the locals recommend it if you're finishing the weekend. we left sunday morning, so missed checking it out.

During the day - southbeach is really crowded, but fun. The Lincoln Rd. Mall (outdoor mall, starting at Collins and about 18th St., continuing west.) is an enjoyable stroll, lots of places to eat and shop for high fashion. Grillfish (Collins and 14th ?) is a place to have dinner if you like fish, and Cafe David (Collins and 11th) has authentic cuban dishes at reasonable prices, very tastey, open 24 hours. A good place for morning cafe-de-leche!

In miami, everyone has it "goin-on". shorts, tee shirts, sandles, and sunglasses. Such a different world than those of us who brave the winters.

All addresses are approximate!

from the windy city, with love,

Just hang out in Coconut Grove. It was the South Beach of the 1960's. Or else hit the beach, especially at night. I used to like to walk down the boardwalk from SB to about around the Fontainbleau, there usually would be practically no one because the beach there is supposed to be closed during the late hours. But you know how warm the water is there, luscious late night swim. Nightclubs aren't all that Miami is made of.
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Happy New Year everybody. still in Miami and enjoyed new year's in Miami Beach, Drinking Cafe Con Leche with Kaluha Especial(70 proof), quite nice time. The club scene is quite lame but I ammuse myself anyways. Love hanging at the beach during the daytime and just wandering the streets at night. The 11th street diner is a excellent place for a late night snack. Wish they would follow New York rules. (free admission, stack of drink tickets) what can I say I'm a spoiled artist/musician/celebrity. It's all New Yorks fault. Is anyone down here right now? I need a running partner/wingman/wingwoman. It might help with the club scene down here. harris

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