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after six months in houston...
living in a garage apartment
behind my dad's house...
working as much as i could wherever i could...
toning it down...

it's time to bust the fuck out!!

i leave for tennessee tomorrow morning.
i'll be in the woods until early may when i will once again EXPLODE upon new york. (get a bucket!)

i'm so grateful for these boards and the way they keep me connected. i won't have such easy access to a computer for the next month, but i'll be seeing you in the flesh oh so soon.

adios, houston!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaawwww!!!!
So glad you are cavorting in the woods my dear and the Stevie-themed party sounds divine. We do however seriously miss you here, so if you are logging on at all - Feel the good!

Also wanted to let you know that your picture and that of your new wife Lizzie davis are on this year's NOTS invite. We will be posting it to the top page of the mother site in the next few days, so stay tuned.

love to my Magical child and have a great gathering..
It's with a tear that I pass along the news that Techno Pixie Venus is joining the Ringling Bros. Circus (as a fire eater) and will be leaving New York to live in Fla.(doing piercing and hair) when not traveling with the Greatest Show On Earth.

I'm sad that so many creative people are leaving New York, and there have been quite a few of late! As a diehard New Yorker this makes me want to dig deeper to keep my spirit safe and free.

May my resolve be strengthened to always surround myself with the brightest, most gorgeous and courageous people who cross my path and Venus you are way up there with the best. I knew it the first time I saw you at Click and Drag back in the day.

Will miss you dearly honey but I'm happy that my brave imaginative baby girl will be following her dreams. Wouldn't want it any other way!

Your hairwhore forever,
With lots of hugs,
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I too adore little venus and will miss her, but NY is no place for kids these days. It's a wonder she did it for several years and we've been lucky to have her. Special, special, with such great energy and instincts (usually, though when she once asked roderick if he needed "anything" to see her boyfriend that was a funny misstep!)

She is the first person I have known in 20 years to wear rainbow stripes in a non-gay context, and make them work big-time. Destined for greatness, that one I'm sure. Rose, please let her know about the boards so she can post sometime from her new life..
thanx for the sweet post, mommy.

i always swore i'd never marry and look!
i'm scared for NOTS now!!!

but not too scared to be jumping thru hoops to get there.
short mt., tenn to new york via vegas??
glad i have faerie wings.

i miss you, too. i'll be there so soon.
for good.
so feel it.

kisses all around...
Nancy, Glammy and I have bought a six-pack, are hopping in a pick-up truck, and headin' South to look for Texxx.

If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by Nancy's and feed her goldfish. They get very hungry.

We'll be back in a week or two with a very glamorous goblin in tow.
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Looking for Meike Williams (ex Jackie bartendress and Kal Ruttenstein uber-gwen) for a business matter -nothing earth-shaking, but I'm sure she'd welcome it.

If you have any contact info for her, please email me off profile. I think she's on the West Coast but I'm not sure..
the bitch is back.
be afraid.
be very afraid.

can't wait to see you - my virtual family who puts the fun in dysfunction - at some dirty, filthy, sleazy, nasty, drunken, gorgeous, tantalizing location soon.

with bells on...
Where is this legend who we've loved and admired for so long. Haven't seen her in sometime. Any one have any ideas where we can find the beautiful and stunning Gina Varla Vitro?


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Richard Bacchus here from the (s)Punk Rock band D Generation. Greetings From Raleigh North Carolina I came down here in search of the ancestral home of Black Lips Muse, Love Forever. I just released a New album, Richard Bacchus & The Luckiest Girls: Jet Black & Beautiful on iTunes . Sami Yaffa from The New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks produced it. let me know what you think of it on my MySpace page, and if your ever in Raleigh look me up

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