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We went to see MILK last night.

We've read the reviews and we've been told how amazing it is.

Zaz also saw "The Times of Harvey Milk" in school, and was very moved by that documentary, so we thought a lot of the excitement was part hype.

No hype. Sean Penn is amazing, and he's not alone. The acting was top notch all around.

The film is timeless and immediate. The obvious parallels between Prop 6 and its supporters and Prop 8 and its supporters drive home how little things have advanced in 30 years.

Yes, we've changed pop culture by leaps and bounds, but politics have stayed the same and in some ways gone backwards.

For example in 2008 standing up for Gay rights will lose you an election in say...90% of the country. However successfully backing legislation AGAIST Gay rights can land Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren a speaking part at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

On a much, MUCH lighter note, James Franco was... smokin' weed hot as Scott Smith.

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Yeah the movie is amazing. I'm no Sean Penn fan, I tend to think he chews up scenes like Nick Scotti chews his....teeth. But Penn totally transforms into a believably gay man. It's a totally 3D character that you are watching. And I love that in the first 10 minutes it's full on male kissing which I was surprised to find still shocks me to see on the big screen- at least with "major" actors. But it doesn't stop there, and there's male intimacy shown throughout. I will be very curiou to see how the movie fares during awards season.

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