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So, I love history...especially when it's neighbourhood history...check this out...(mother gets a shout out! LOL)

I have found all sorts of interesting useless info from this site.. like the fact that Ginsberg lived above McDonalds on 14th St /1st or that there were so many ole mob hits in my hood... Chi Chi would love this site I think too.
An interesting search engine that generates stats on practically everything...these are the top three murderous countries at present.

0.63 per 1000 people
2.South Africa
0.51 per 1000 people
0.32 per 1000 people

They also have an encyclopedia that offered this tidbit about Madonna..
""The top ten hit "Secret" told the story of a heterosexual man in love with a transsexual"
Hmmm, anyway, a fun site to waste time on.
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I just came across an AMAZING dj mix sight called where they have six EXTENSIVE pages of live analog to digital recordings of larry levan,timmy regisford,shep pettibone,louie vega,tony humphires,bobby konyers,ron trent,frankie knuckles,jack master farley etc. It's insane anybody who loves house or wants to hear where it came from will go nuts.Figure out how to get it onto your ipod and you'll never have time to recharge your house is your house...respect it! Big Grin
I somehow missed your original posting of Link to "THe Museum of Bad Album Covers" but just got back from it and had many howlingly loud laughs. There's no underestimating bad judgement when it comes to some album covers. Some of them are extremely funny.

However I don't agree with their assessment of he Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Album Cover. It was a product of its time, and I think it's still fine today.
All the pomp and pageantry surrounding the death of John Paul II has obscured the fact that the Vatican had been searching for a saint to designate as "the Patron Saint Of the Internet."
The number one candidate appears to be Saint Isidore Of Seville, a Sixth Century Spanish bishop and man of letters, whose 20 volume Etymologiae helped preserve a great deal of classical Greek and Roman knowledge through the Dark Ages. Very fitting, huh?

Anyway, if you are so inclined, you may already say a special prayer to St. Isidore, which can be found, along with his picture,

I guess it's up to the new pope, though, to finalize it all. But in the meantime, Sancte Isidore, ora pro nobis!
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There are many "Gay Lexicons" available online and here is just one, on the site of two men that includes everything from Baron von Gloeden's photographs to Gay Holocaust Memorials.
This one is a bit outdated, often mainstream, but quite a hoot anyway. It doesn't, for example, include certain new slang terms (like PNP, Bonnie.)
I was impressed though. Who knew what the term "sticky rice" meant?

GLBT Slang
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Sally, living in Oceanside, is the kind of girl we need supporting our Marine Heros (God Bless Camp Pendleton where there's so much unexploded ordinance it will always be a buffer between LA/Orange County and San Diego), who make the ultimate sacrifice so you can have your cheezy poofs while watching Jerry Springer in your squalid East Village studio.

Star Magazine. Around 1973. Only got off about six or eight issues before it was in effect banned. Aimed at teenage hippie girls. On the mag's resurrection site you can page through articles on advice how to be Foxy, gossip about all of Mick Jagger's groupies, fashion spreads of Cher's "Wild Rags" -amazing-, celebrity news: Karen Valentine is leaving Room 222, how to dress like a Rich Hippie Chick from Sunset Blvd., etc. Priceless.

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