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I just love the Internet! I never knew about plush toy and gorilla suit fetishes before I went online! Lets share some links to the kinkiest, the queeniest, and most outlandish websites we discover.

I'll start off with this page I found chock full of Paul Lynde quotes taken from episodes of the Hollywood Squares
Peter Marshall: It is the most abused and neglected part of your body-- what is it?
Paul Lynde:? Mine may be abused but it certainly isn't neglected!

Paul Lynde Quotes

Read all about sex with plush toys:

For Yahoo Groups members, real gay dogfuckers! This may be deleted soon, so look now:

Have you seen Mike Ford's gorgeous molded female mask? Well, there are many mask/drag fetishists on the net. Check out:

Yuri, Female Mask Lover

This one is AMAZING! I ran across a site dedicated to a Brazilian woman named Wilza Carla. It seems she was a sexy bombshell movie actress in her youth, but when she got old and fat she started posing naked with big crazy wigs. If anyone out there is from Brazil you must tell us more about this goddess! There is little on the net about her in English.

Make sure to view ALL the photo galleries:
Wilza Carla

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It seems there are a lot of people out there who are into dressing up as dolls or anime characters. Then there are these lycra fetishists who like to wear Leigh Bowery-esque faceless outfits. Here is a designer in Russia who makes these amazing monochromatic creations. I predict this will be the new club look of 2002.
Modulus Fashion Lab

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You can tell I get very bored and spend hours looking for this stuff.

Here's one of those anime dress-up-people. It's actually known as "cosplay" and it's very big in Japan. Sometimes it's a sexual but often it's just an escapist hobby.

The text is Japanese which may just read as gibberish, but just click on the pix and you'll be fine.

Got Time?
Read all about the amazing but tragic life of drag legend Ray Bourbon.
Don't Call Me Madam

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and Dale the Skirt Man must have some serious nerve to do what he does, but in all honesty he kind of freks me out a little. I'm all for people doing thier thing, but -woah-. Up to a point, I'm like, okay, okay, he's a kook, into his thing like the rest of us are...but then I see the Hooters pages, read his dating profile.

The man rates an 8 on the Peter Pan-o-meter, folks.
Trans-Sister Radio for Transgender and Drag Music:

I have sent this email to inform you of a Internet radio station that plays trans and drag music. Trans-Sister Radio is now on the air. We have scoured Internet for the best in transgender and drag music. Currently, we are playing music only. We are planning on going live at least twice a week, for the best interviews from the TG and DQ scene. The only requirements for listening are a Internet audio player, and at least an ISDN connection. If you know of any TG or DQ artists or music, please send it my way. Give it a listen and let us know what u think. If you think your members would be interested, please post. We are not into spam, and want this to get this to people that might be interested in listening. Thank you.

PS During the first six months, We are offering anyone with a band a free profile page, and rotation on the station. If you are a TG retailer, We are offering free ad space (30 second spots) for a limited time. PSA's are also welcome. Email for details.
My dear Miss Understood, I know there is a novel out called Trans Sister Radio. It is written by
Chris A Bohjalian. It is kind of an updated Myra Breckenridge. It is about a college professor who decides to become a woman. I know someone just bought the rights to the book and a movie is in the works. Hey, I wish I knew the URL of the Trans Sister Radio station. It sounds like fun.
Yowsa! Is this a put-on courtesy of Rose or does a net cross-dressing radio station really exist?If not, why doesn't someone start one? Hmmm? Hey, Miss Understood, maybe you should. Well, why not?

PS: I know there is a gay radio station in the works which plans on broadcasting some transgendered subject matter as part of its general programing. It is called GayRadioNet

I hope this will be of help..
You will gag Minerva but I was there when that picture was taken. It was at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. I was DJing. Before the show I went out into the lobby to call my wife. I looked next to me and at the very next phone was a 3 1/2 foot Gary Coleman in a blonde wig! I was trying to tell Chi Chi quietly, "You won't believe this..." Even better than the wig though were the shoes. They were these really ugly old lady pumps with about a 2 inch heel. The best thing was that they were about 8 sizes too big! She looked like a little kid playing dress-up in her mother's shoes. (which is probably exactly what she WAS doing) Then she tried to go into the show but didn't have an invitation. They wouldn't let her in and actually had the Plaza Hotel security throw her out. It was kind of sad. I'm glad there is a picture though because I've told lots of people that story but the picture really says it all.
Daddy, you never fail to impress me. That's astounding kismet...Oh, the circles in which you travel.

And yeah, now I'm very sad. Poor little Gary Coleman, it's really heartbreaking to hear that he was asked to leave. Where is the love? Where, by God, is the love?

Well, maybe it is found here, but I dare not tempt fate, I'm enough of a pervert as it is...


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hells bells, am I supposed to be ashamed of expressing my feeling about the drag? Im hurt by the notion that I'd deny the girl her skank fetish. Who's the victim here? I happen to think a girl should look pretty from head to toe, but that's just me. I hate the drag, but respect the queen. I must say I didn't think she was real. Isn't there a 'skirtman' a few postings earlier? Also I reject the notion that the package 'belongs out in front or whatever she/he said. But I retract the personal attack. Queenie vow to keep things ideological. tota
I like untucked trannies. Give me character and balls to boot...

Fuck passing, I wanna see the meat, mama. If I'm looking for smooth fronts, I'll check out something with ovaries or post ops. That bulge in front makes the whole thing all the more twisted and wrong. And fun.

It's kind of like how I like my drugs illegal; makes them taste better.

Nice kilt, Dale.
Ah, Tota Leigh, you seem to be under the impression that I am trying to look feminine, or to pass. Nope, I just like wearing skirts and heels. I am unashamedly male, and rather like the look. Minerva's comment that "it's twisted and wrong... and fun" somewhat summarizes my attitude as well. I just wear skirts because it's fun. If it ceases to be fun, I'll quit doing it.

ummm, what an exciting topic! I think Dale rocks, as I've said. Anyone with the balls to do that during these times - to express themselves so triumphantly and unapologetically - gets my respect. Isnt this totally (!) about that and not about whether or not you would wear the look? I dont think Ms. Leigh really thought Dale was real, or she wouldn't have been so mean. Although I too would like a gander at her supposedly fierce look. Some people dont know how to post their pictures, as I've noticed from many profiles. Or maybe people are just shy about showing us who they really are.
I keep hearing from the butch queens(I only say that cause these are the miserable old queens) that I look like Barbra Striesand. Which is a compliment I guess, but I have to say I dont really care for her and I would prefer to look like someone younger! I have been told for the past few years I look very much like Julliette Lewis, I prefer her than Babs!

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