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This is a friend of a friend of a friend who was recently visiting Cincinnati a few blocks away from us:

(apparently his server doesn't like pictures pulled from it, there was a picture of him here...)

We're sure we're related somehow.

Check out his website here:


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This guy's incredible, my new hero. Daddy, you should invite him to NYC, get him to run for mayor. He can drive his trailer over from New Zealand.

What is it about New Zealanders, anyway? They're all totally bonkers. When I used to bounce at this big sports bar in Chicago, we knew whenever we carded on a New Zealand passport that there'd be a fight that night. Every single time. Of course, later, when bouncing at the gay bar up the road, every night a New Zealander came in we knew we'd find a big bubbling puddle of spooge out on the dance floor at the end of the night. Every single time.

Wow. Tuffy's bad ass.... He's gotta be in his sixties, but MAN what a body, and what incredible style! I wanna grow up to be just like him, fabulous and living out of a handmade trailer in the middle of nowhere...
quote: taking cruising the net to the next level

The owners of this new web site have developed the site to allow GLBT Community to utilise a new and fun way to meet people. It aims to take cruising the net to the net level by offering members of the site a tee shirt that has a FiiK code on it, a place to store a personal profile and links to pictures if they wish. The tee shirts are one off prints that are cleverly designed with the member s code on the tee shirt. Each and every tee shirt is unique and will never be reprinted. Once you are a member your code belongs to you. has over one billion different codes in the design range.

The concept is simple! Members of the site choose from a range of tee shirts to become members, Then, whenever they feel like cruising they wear the tee shirt out: shopping, walking the dog, to the club, any where!!! People see them in a FiiK tee shirt and remember the code, log on to, enter the code and the members profile is displayed, you can then send e-mails to the member.

The owners of the site who have developed it are aware of concerns that this site may lead to homophobia. Each tee shirt therefore has been designed to look like any other tee shirt, that you would buy in a shop. The site also has built in security, which will stop homophobic misuse. It is impossible to find a member without the correct code as the site has over 2 billion different combinations set aside for members. is a totally gay owned business designed for gay people by gay people. It is fun and gives members of the site something back for their money. is well worth a look. If you have ever cruised the net you will love this site.

Wear me out, get seen, get contacted!
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A few things I don't get:

1. When you saw someone wearing one of these shirts, and you wanted them, why wouldn't you just walk up to them and say "Do you want to fuck?" Why go home and email them?

This reminds me of the new "Instant Pickup" service the "Circuit City" is offering. Order online and then drive to the store to pick it up. What? Why? These have to be connected.

2. If they never reprint the shirts, do you just walk around with some nasty cum stained old t-shirt? Wouldn't this blow their secret anti-homophobic code?

3.Bringing me to the next question... Anti-homophobic code? What? like 2qt2bstr8?
Dear Sir

Nice to meet you.
I could see you this website that name is
My name is Fukuaki NISHIZAWA.
I am Japanese live in Tokyo JAPAN.

and I am Japanese monthly gay magazine's editor.
The magazine name is G-men.
Mainly reader of this magazine like muscle and bear and chub and stouts and foreign handsome guys who are like you!

My magazine's official site URL is the following

And I will put the article about the international web-cam chat sites of Gay.
So I want to ask some question to you.

Have you ever done web-cam chat?

Please tell me the site URL if you have done web-cam chat.

I want to introduce web-cam chat site with some of your nice pics.
(nude or clothes...all kind of your pic OK! If I request to you I want to the pic that can understand your face. )
I want to say the readers of G-men for intorduce the web-cam site like this:
'Everyone! you can meet this nice guy when you come to this web-cam site!'
Can you cooperate this plan?

Don't worry if you can't agree this request.
I think so that I must say I'm so sorry rather than don't worry.
I understand this request is difficult to you.
But If you don't dislike this plan Please give me mail with some pics of you and some answer of questions are the following(Please give me big size pic to publish your pic clear!)

what is your nickname?

What country do you live?

Please tell me your stats and How old are you?

What kind of men do you like? slim muscle bear chub...etc!

Please give me message(something OK!) to G-men reader.

At last I send you the free copy of this magazine if you want this issue of G-men.
Please tell me the adress of reciver if you want this free copy.

I'm looking forward to your reply with your nice pic as soon as possible.
Thank you so much!


The editor of G-men

2F Kusafuka-bld 5-4 Araki-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN 160-0007

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