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Michael T., Laura Rebel Angel and Xris SMack! Present:

Monsters and Mascara:
A Tribute to The Cramps, Alice Cooper, The Misfits and Horror

Emcee: Devin Stone

N.Y.C.'s Bloodiest band and the Bastard Sons of The King hisself, PSYCHO CHARGER, deliver an ultra-Horrific death-march thru the rotting R'n'R graveyard that's been described as "Horror Rawkillbilly"!!! Digging up influences from Rockabilly, industrial, punk, surf, and gothic, these N.Y.C. psycho-rockers provide a horror-influenced, mutant cross-bred psycho-industrial-rawk assault that kicks and flails like a pissed-off two-headed bastard child at a family reunion!!! This is truly evil heavy-twang hell rock from the righteous side of the Devil's trailer park!!!

Plus The All Star Band Monsters & Mascara..performing horrific classics from Alice Cooper, Cramps & The Misfits

Get ready to be terrifying by the Ghastly GORE-geous Freakshow and Burlesque Shows starring:

Satan's very own snake charming bride from the Coney Island Freak Show!

Bettina May
Canada's Burlesque Ambassador will Bump and Grindhouse all the way into your nightmares!

The fiendishly deviant hellcat from The Rhinestone Follies tames Beelzebub himself to the voodoo rhythms that Lux taught us!

Laura Rebel Angel
Cowboy Mark
Xris SMack! 
The Dutchman
Michael T.

Spinutrid Punk, Ghostly Glam, Riga Mortis Rockabilly, Demonic Deathrock!

Herra C
Doug Sakmann our "Monster Maker" 

"Beautiful Horror" visuals by the SMack! Video Lab

Dress Code: 
All Classic Universal Horror Looks, Glamorous Cadavers, Blood n Gore, Psycho Sexual Lingerie & Undergarments

Date: Sunday February 20th, 2011
Time: 10pm-4am
Age: 21+
Tickets: $10 in adv. $15 Day of Show

Location: Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10012
(212) 505-3474
Subway: West 4 St

For more information Please Visit:
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