Hard to believe its been 12 years since our namesake club MOTHER closed with an epic party!




Help us celebrate this seminal, magical venue at


for memoirs, thoughts and herstory - with motherlove!


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Receiving that card in the postal mail was devastating.


I am sure there are thousands of people who feel that they have partly become the persons they are today by having lived some of their lives at Mother during those nights.


Read Bobby Miller's poem at the link the Empress posted above.


Some choice lines from the published public announcement, "The Closing of Mother" :


….we confess- we no longer care if the "No Smoking" sign in the bathroom has fallen off the wall!


We'd like to inject as much of MOTHER's climate of tolerance and pansexuality as possible into this dream space, and we hope to see many of you there -bandwith permitting, of course!


In closing, we'd like to thank our audience, the thousands of dreamers, seekers and freaks from countless countries, who have joined us for a night or a decade as we voyaged towards nocturnal nirvana. It is indeed the end of an era - but we have faith that it will be the beginning of one too.


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