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The trailer for the Jackie 60 Movie has been posted to Google Video, and somehow they accepted it. To view the trailer go to:

I suggest changing the video size to "original size". This setting can be found by clicking on the button on the lower right corner of the window, the one with the triangle on it.

You can see more clips at:
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This looks fantastic.
One thing personally I would have edited into it was that strange juxtaposition of Jackie being a very downtown underground scene which also attracted very uptown celeb names. Nowerdays there's none of that mix. That needs to be pushed into the forefront. Are there any celebs would would talk about going there perhaps?
But LOVE this trailer... very long .. but delightful. Keep at it!
Let me give everyone a little inside dish on this "trailer".

It was made for a certain event. (I think it was the Jackie 60 tribute at The Anthology Film Archives). We were only half way through shooting the movie when Jack & the boys edited this.
BELIEVE ME, there is SO MUCH more.
Chi Chi wasn't really even interviewed yet.
That is NOT her interview!
This is only a tiny taste of the movie.
Can you imagine the footage that Jack has!!!!
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Chi Chi and I just got back home.
We were at a dinner for Partick McMullan at this bottle bar/lounge in The Meat Market.
Even though it's only been a few years since Jackie 60 closed, the area is totally unrecognizable. Our old club is now a "SCOOP" store" (whatever that is).
Chi Chi was like, "Are we in South Beach? Where the hell are we? I'm lost". I told her that we were on our old block.

I had to watch the tralier again.
It REALLY makes me happy.
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Jack --

Loved the trailer. Watched it 3 times. Exciting stuff. (Hope SG's implosion didn't burn you over much. I went on to work with Larry for a year on Film Movement. Major clusterfuck).

Family -- yes, the trailer has prompted Flavine to peak out from behind the wainscoting. Love to Chi, Daddy, Hacthes, Kitty & all. Hope this finds you all well!

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Daddy --

Bleach Blonde! You offend sir. I swear on the point of Mr. Bruce's rat-tail comb I haven't bleached my hair in a least a week!

The road less travelled has led Flavine to a small farm in NJ's ag-belt where my farmhand (age 4) and I raise chickens and dontate the egg money to local charities ( ).

We live and work in a 200 year old farmhouse with a FIERCE digital design/production studio ( ).

How are you and Chi?


PS: Up-and-coming Jackie performer
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You were ALWAYS full of surprises.

Your little boy is adorable! I can't believe that he is already 4. I guess they grow if you feed them, that's what Kitty told me anyway.
This is her little one, Jesse James aka "Baby Boots".

Wow! Farm living, it sounds fantastic.
May all your eggs be brown.

Oh wait...
"Night Of A Thousand Stevies" is May 19.
Do you think Ethan could do a number with Jesse? Actually, half of The House Of Domination have babies.
Now THAT would be method Go Go!

"Baby Boots"


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Flavie Your son is just gorgy. I can't believe how big he is either. I am so happy for you. And btw mr. Bruce's comb is now in retirement and I am finally spending all my days on my photo archives and living the good life in Ptown at the end of the cape. Hope you and your little family are all well and happy. I miss the good old days at Jackie tho and seeing your smiling face at the light box. Hope to see you at the premiere of the film whenever that happens.
Bobby --

Wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are well. Yes, I miss the old days as well--and your seemingly inexhaustable supply of positive energy that made every tuesday a little brighter.

Daddy --

Little Jesse is too cute! I'm seeing Tommy's eye's and hair and Kitty's mouth. Maybe there should be a new forum for all us moms to exchange recipes and tips for getting stains off vinyl.

Ethan used to do a mean rendition of "Stand Back" (literally from the middle of his room) but has since moved on to Zevon and Madaonna (But only songs from "American Life," that really self-indulgent album that everybody hated but I thought was her best work. Don't tell Chi).


PS One more video feauring t'young farmhand: A Day in the Life of a Chicken Farmer
Wow Wow Wow! Gorgeous trailer. What a trip back. Can't wait for more. On one of the last nights of Jackie or Click there was a camera crew set up outside on Washington, interviewing bunches of Motherlovers throughout the night. Was that for this, presumably? I was on W. 14th last month and was disgusted to see something called Scoop has infected that old magical place. And across the street, DVF!


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Yeah, that was probably for The Jackie Movie.
I hope you get in.

(I have NOTHING to do with that BTW. I've been told that whomever "says it best" gets in. And that's as it should be. It's a good thing that I'm not editing the movie, it would be all Flowrider. He always said it best for me.)

Thanks for giving us the "SCOOP" Madge.

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