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A friend of mine was contacted on adam4adam in NYC recently. It was the typical banter leading to a hookup in a local hotel. The guy insisted my friend bring along some goodies. When he got there, the discussion turned to selling a small quantity, then the ominous words, "You're unde arrest."

Now doing drugs has its detractors and selling them is perhaps not cool. But the NYPD went onto a gay board under false pretenses and then turned a PnP hookup into a bust by goading my friend into taking a "little money" for the cops's "share."

Just be forewarned about adam4adam ...
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That is the oldest trick in the cop's book. Don't ever sell or bring drugs to a newbie session. A prossie bust is thin, so getting a drug-bust is much happier and stickier for them.
Your friend is doi.
The only difference is that adam4 is not a prossie site but a regular gay hookup site, no? I often wondered when that would start happening... pnp gays are a much easier mark for the lazy vice/drug cops.
I think this happens on all the online dating sites. Adam4adam though is known to be more of a site for just hooking up. Gay.com and ErotasOnline.com seem to offer a lot more.
As luck would have it, the case was dismissed with the help of a very good lawyer. It was a paper thin allegation. Lucky for him, but the cost and heartache were a huge drain ... Lesson learned, don't be stupid ... er, I mean, know who you're dealing with, take precautions, and umm, don't be stupid.
I didn't really know where to post this but this topic seemed appropriate...are there any hustler bars left in NYC? I guess they've all gone online. It would be interesting though if they still existed, the exciting thing about shopping live is that you can try it on before buying.
And more of the same..

How in these days of budget cuts do we even have $$$ for this?


Speaker Christine Quinn wants to get to the bottom of series of allegedly false arrests that she calls "the most egregious I have heard of," where officers are accused of luring gay men at porn shops into trumped up charges of prostitution. For months NYPD has allegedly been using "handsome young undercover cops" to solicit (consensual) sex out of middle-aged gay men and then arresting them for prostitution as they exit the store.

This is so outrageous. I can't believe that they are getting away with it. It just shows you that nothing ever really changes when it comes to the police department.
I was utterly shocked by the identity of the man who spoke out about his experience (Robert Pinter) - a fantastic massage therapist who I've gone to over the years.

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