OK, I might not have even heard her music, had I not had the accidental fortune to work with her... but then again, who knows? She does an incredible amount of work for causes (like PETA) that I do have an interest in.

On the second day of rehearsals, Jim Dale and I both went out and bought her CD-- "Get Away From Me"-- and were suitably impressed. An excellent tune and wordsmith, with an unusual perspective and voice reminiscent of those white girl singers sittin' in with the jazz heavies in Harlem in the '40s, and an incredible gift for parody. She also plays a mean piano.

There's an almost hopeless quirkiness and just plain battiness about her that might turn off a few, but underneath that veneer, her work is strong, well-crafted stuff.

I went to see her last night, at the close of her brief, three week late-night "residency" at Joe's Pub.

She played some of her "hits," some new stuff which included a ditty/diatribe about one of her castmembers from Threepenny-- who will remain nameless. A lot of the stuff was great, though IMHO it was presented in a casual, "intimate" manner that bordered on sloppiness show-wise. But she very much redeemed herself with a sparkling version of "Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter" on ukelele.

I do have to say, though, if you get the chance, do go and see her!

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I bought the album the other day, and it veers all over the place. Like jazz and hip-hop (rap, whatever they're calling it these days) and issues like Bush, urban angst. animals and tons of fun with the topic of feminism, with some Ani DiFranco and Maggie Estep thrown in. And she is witty, I'll give her that!
BY the way, I do respect what PETA is trying to do, but they go about it in the wrong way, with their guerrila warfare tactics. and fashion show protests. But it is a noble cause. In theory I am a vegitarian but in practice I'm a failure--I do eat meat sometimes. I love animals, but my sister came home with a cat called Roxie (after Chicago I guess), and it was terrorizing us, I entertained her with a shoelace and she entertained us by climbing up our Xmas tree!

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