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I saw this on Steve Lewis' facebook page today.
I hope I'm not stirring things up too much but I had to reply.

Steve Lewis:

There Is Much Going On in Clubland Today

There is much going on in Clubland today. Many rumors, much innuendo, and startling new developments. I may decide to give it one more shot. Enter the fray, throw my hat into the ring, draw my rumored-to-be substantial sword—I may open up a joint. The old Studio 54 spot would seem ideal. This legendary venue might be the perfect platform to bring things back to the good old days. I would immediately kill bottle minimums and just rent the tables, say $250 bucks an hour. I’d use this $250 to tip out the doormen and bottle hosts who do all the heavy lifting, and maybe throw something to the promoters and managers as well. I’d keep half and split the other half amongst those mentioned and others that deserve it. Bottles will run $250 for most brands. Luxury stuff would have appropriate up-ticks. I wouldn’t charge a 20% mandatory tip. I’d leave that up to the customer. This system would of course screw the waitrons. They’d make $400 bucks a night, not $1000, unless they actually booked a table. Why some wannabe model, actress or ex-stripper makes more than a manager or doorman, is beyond me.

My reply

Johnny Dynell:

I love ya Bugsey. I really do and of course I always wish you the best but when the first consideration in starting a new club is art...
Call me!!!!!
I'm there.
This sounds like a meeting at Morgan Stanley.
I know I'm the oldest art school girl in the world but remember The Mudd Club? The World? Area? Danceteria?
Studio 54?!!!!!
Those were all incredibly creative places.
And I'm really not one of those "Back In The Day" freaks either. I think that there is a lot of great nightlife still happening in New York right now.
And it's not at The Marquis.
Someone is going to open a spot that will smash bottle bars. Expose the Emperor.
It will be the first great club of the 21st century.

But dont look at me to do it.
Not at those rents!!!!

: )
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He seems to have been blogging on Blackbook recently about the bottle bar scene hitting a low with a lot of closings and a drop in attendance. And then he tries to attribute it to real estate on 10th Ave. (?)
So obviously he is electively dumb.
Cause what is killing bottle bars is bottle bars. They drove all the real creative people away and left bars full of the really, really clueless who just want to throw money down the toilet and act out their center of the universe delusions.
Let's remember now, battle bars started for all those people who could never get in a club to begin with. So now all the people who used to go and be able to get in have gone elsewhere which means the only people in those clubs now are the people who could never get in a club. Sound like a great party scene?

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