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So sad we wont be getting to this due to Halloween's weekend placement (groan) but if you are going to NOLA for Halloween or live there, this is a MUST..

SABRETOOTH presents...
Endless Night Vampire Ball XII “A Night in Versailles”
Saturday, October 31st, 2009
House of Blues, 225 Decatur St. New Orleans

“Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to Endless Night.” William Blake

Main hall at midnight and Parish for VIPs at 10pm!...

~ Shows / entertainments / acts;
DJs: Aengel, Jack Dean Strauss and V Christ on the grande hall, Simple Complexity & guests in the Parish
Classic Goth, alternative darkness, Electro, Rock & Roll

Master of Ceremonies; Lord Chaz –
Headliner: Billi Shakes -
Jeniviva’s Mystical Hips Belly Dance & Cabaret –
Lady~A’s Costume contest with over $1000 in prizes
The Cross Between -
Marry yourself wedding chapel by the Encouraging Priestess

~ Masque Themed Dress Code

Marie Antoinette, King Louis, Marquis deSade, French Revolutionary Zombies, Victoria, Steampunk, Drag, Vampyre, vampire, Hellfire Demons, Carnivale Freaks, Silent Horror Film Characters, Victorian Asylum Lunatics, Hospital Horror, Dark Fairy Tales, Pagan Horned Gods, The Great Beast, Satyrs, Anton LaVey, Sacrificial Virgins, Witches, Warlocks, Sex Magick, Satanic Sluts, Zombies, Evil Clowns, Halloween Masks, Horror Circus... etc

Plus usual Fetish, SM, Body Art, Burlesque, Berlin Cabaret, Moulin Rouge, Uniform, Medical, Boudoir, Militaria etc

No Casual Street Wear / Regular Club Wear / No Cotton T-shirts

~ Vendors at the Ball

Psinical Designs EN merchandise -
Dark Awakenings Custom Fangs –
Bat World –

~ Tickets

No Refund!!! 18+ only
Advance Tickets: $30 GE / $65 VIP (only through EN website)
Available online at
Boutique du Vampyre,, 712 rue Orleans
Ticket Master -
~ Shop Outlets & local acts (ask about possible discounts for VIPs)
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