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Now the folks in their FEMA trailers are being EVICTED! What is bloodie wrong with people??

"About a month ago, workers for the Federal Emergency Management Agency swept through a trailer park - a bleak tableau of housing of the last resort - taping eviction notices on the flimsy aluminum doors. Thousands of other trailer residents across Louisiana were informed by FEMA last week that they too would be evicted in the next six months.

"But few of them will be able to return to the city from which they were flooded out 27 months ago.

"More than two years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is suffering from an acute shortage of housing that has nearly doubled the cost of rental units in the city, threatening the recovery of the region and the well-being of many residents who decided to return against the odds.

"One of the more striking changes to appear lately in New Orleans is the highly visible number of homeless men and women living under bridges and in parks. Social service groups say about 12,000 homeless people are living in the city, about double the number before the storm.

"The sense of an impending housing crisis grew stronger last week with FEMA's announcement on Wednesday that it would close all the trailer camps it runs for victims of the 2005 hurricanes on varying schedules by the end of May. More than 900 families are living in FEMA trailer parks around the city.

"In the past several months, a homeless encampment has sprung up on the steps of City Hall "” partly because it is a safe open space and partly because it is a political statement. Tents and sleeping bags are aligned in rows. The crowd of hundreds is a mix of young and old, white and black.

"Michael Reeves, 45, sleeps on the grass outside City Hall. He used to rent a one-bedroom in the Ninth Ward for $350 before the storm. "Ain't nothing left but the ground," he said. "We didn't have nowhere to go so we came here."
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