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The reason I've dated this topic is it obviously isn't for news of legends more recently minted -they are all over the boards -or those who already have their own topic.

This topic is for news of people who populated the clubs discussed in this forum.

I'll start with a bit of joyous news -

Original theme DJ Anita Sarko of Mudd Club, Mike Todd Room and many more was married last Friday to the actor and Albanian freedom fighter Erzin Krivca. They were married at City Hall and their witness was Michael Musto.

The bride wore all red and as a surprise for her husband, donned the traditional Albanian red wedding veil for the ceremony.

Congratulations Auntie Anita!
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Hello everyone!
My incredibly talented musician/songwriter friend Kristian Hoffman is nominated for an LA WEEKLY Music Award in the Best Rock/Pop Songwriter/Composer category. The magazine critics vote on that BUT the public can vote for the Most Valuable Player by emailing in a vote.
This COULD sway the other voting but, even if it didn't, it would be great if Kristian could win that award! He has been doing great work for so long and now he has FINALLY been recognized! If you could just take one minute and get on the LA WEEKLY site (URL below), click on 'cast your vote', and just email in a vote for Kristian Hoffman, we'd be soooo appreciative! (And pass
this email on to your list- Kristian doesn't have email *what a luddite!*)

luv, ann magnuson

p.s. FYI: Kristian was in the punk band The Mumps with Lance Loud (with whom he also appeared on the legendary PBS documentary AN AMERICAN FAMILY), had his own band The Swinging Madisons, has been writing and performing the most
BRILLIANT pop songs for years, has toured with Rufus Wainwright, Sean Lennon, Lydia Lunch, The Contortions and Dave Davies, has acted as my own personal musical director on many occasions --and is an all around GREAT GUY! He also has an album of duets coming out in June that is truly spectacular!!!

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