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Yes, I DO favor that stance...

Here's the latest news which went out to our newsletter and blogs last night. It is an ASTOUNDING lineup!!!

The bill for this year's show is now closed, with twenty-five show segments featuring both the timeless stars and new discoveries that make "The Night" so special. Returning Legends of Stevie Realness include NYC Dragstars (and Project Runway supermodels) SHERRY VINE and SWEETIE, perennial NOTS divas THE HO-HOs (CATHY CERVENKA and JILL PANGALLO), AMBER GARBO (Las Vegas), GYPSY WILDE, NOTS 19 cover girl JAZMEN FLOWERS (Mississippi), BILLY O, MISS GUY and GOON SQUAD, CHARLENE CORAN (Colorado), HEATHER LITTEER (aka JESSICA RABBIT DOMINATION), LIZZIE DAVIS (Texas), THE DIVINE GRACE, THE PIXIE HARLOTS, TIFFANEY (of MIRROR IN THE SKY), AMBER RAY, DARLINDA JUST DARLINDA, MISS KELLY WEBB and ADAM JOSEPH. Show producers CHI CHI VALENTI and HATTIE HATHAWAY will again serve as "Enchantresses of Ceremony" and all-Stevie/Fleetwood DJs CRAIG SPENCER, SAMMY JO and POISON EVE will keep the dancefloor Hopelessly Enchanted between show sets.

The producers are delighted to announce this year's new performers and participants, beginning with NYC Ballet icon and teacher JOCK SOTO, who will choreograph the show's opening number. The other 2009 debuts at SONGS OF RHIANNON are theater artist TAYLOR MAC, aerialist BELLA LUNA, dance music diva MYNDY K, singer-songwriter COREY TUT with PATTY BRUCE, darkwave princess LADY ZOMBIE, underground crooner ADAM DUGAS with harpist MIA THEODORATUS and Drag King BILLY MOTION as LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM. NOTS 19 also welcomes WARNER BROTHERS RECORDS, who are donating souvenirs from the new STEVIE NICKS "LIVE IN CHICAGO" DVD and "THE SOUNDSTAGE SESSIONS" CD - both due out on March 31.

Lizzie Davis


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^^^Thanks Daddy

And here are 2 more recent interviews where Stevie talks about NOTS...

Your songs "Edge of 17" and "Gypsy" inspired the gay coming-of-age movies Edge of Seventeen and Gypsy 83. Have always been aware of your gay following?

"I became aware of it with Night of a Thousand Stevies . I am thrilled and honored that the gay community backs my music. I always kid that one day, all you Night of a Thousand Stevies people, one day I'll be there, in complete dress, and you won't know it. I'll be hulking around somewhere, standing behind you, so be careful what you say, because I could be standing next to you at any moment!"

and here

So, Night of a Thousand Stevies is coming up in May, and there are die-hard fans who are convinced that you showed up one year in disguise.

"I didn't. I did not. But you know what? Sometimes I think I should just lie and say I did! The fact is that I've never been to a Night of a Thousand Stevies, not because I wouldn't like to come. I would love to go. But I’m always working. And I’m usually working on something that I can’t get out of. And I live on the other side of the country. I would love to attend Night of a Thousand Stevies. And what I’d like to do is come in total Stevie disguise. Which of course nobody could do better than me! And one year, watch out all you people, I will be there! And you won’t know, so watch everything you say, because I could be lurking! [Laughs]"

Question: Does it ever hit you that you’re a cultural icon?

"It probably doesn’t. Because, I play the gigs, I go back to the hotel. I don’t get to go out to clubs. I don’t even get to go out to dinner! So, when you ask me if I’m aware of my iconic status—it’s like hearing the PA in the venue. I’m aware because I can hear it, but I don’t get to be a part of it that often. And I’m sorry about that, because I would like to be more a part of it, and dig on it more. And I don’t really get to do that. But I will tell you I am very, very honored. I’m very honored about Night of a Thousand Stevies. I think it’s precious. And it goes straight to my heart. I wish I could come there every year. I know I’m a rock ’n’ roll star, but I work very hard. I’m the worker bee. I don’t really get to enjoy the honey comb very much."
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You are welcome Lady Z

Thought Id share some of my Rhiannon Research for those last days of Stevie-prep..

Goddess Symbols of Rhiannon


Moon, horses, horseshoe, songbirds, gates, the wind, and the Number 7.


Horse, badger, frog, dogs (especially puppies), canaries and other songbirds, hummingbirds, and dragons.


Narcissus and daffodils, leeks, pansies, forsythia, cedar and pine trees, bayberry, sage, and rosemary


Sandalwood, neroli, bergamot, lavender, narcissus, and geranium.

Gems and Metals:

Gold, silver, cat's eye, moonstone, crystal quartz, ruby, red garnet, bloodstone, turquoise, and amethyst.


Dark green, maroon, gold, silver, rich brown, white, black, charcoal grey, and ruby red.

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I'm coming!

I'm insane, given my budget and my current life situation (my partner had a stroke in October, and I've been handling all our life stuff, including a move and the applications for disability and Medicaid, on my own), but I've been thinking about it, and I'm coming out tomorrow night! Can't wait to see you all!
Infernal greetings, my sexxxy sinners, friends and family!!!

It was such an honor to perform at the 19th Annual Night of a Thousand Stevies last night!
I sincerely hope you all enjoyed my rendition of "The Forest of the Black Roses"!!!

[Photo by: Adrian Buckmaster]

I'd like to thank Deity []
for all her assistance these past weeks with rehearsal, styling and support!
Also, I'd like to thank Amazin A of my band DEVIANT TRUST
for his wonderful arrangement of that classic Stevie Nicks demo!!!

I love you all, and I hope to see you soon and next year at NOTS 20!!!

Hugs, Kisses & Triple Sixes,

Lady Zombie

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