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Our 2016 edition takes flight on FRIDAY MAY 13 at IRVING PLAZA NYC. Here as is our custom is the evening's schedule so you can catch a favorite performer or ensemble. Please note these are in alphabetical order inside each Act - we have to keep some surprises..


Doors 9 PM
Pre-Show: VJ Tre spins rare and original video clips and edits

Act One 10 PM
Chi Chi Valenti, Divine Grace, Honey Trap, Jeffery Stephan, Karen and the Sorrows, Lori Bella Clayton, Lunaris (Opening)

Entracte: DJ Sammy Jo
Machine Dazzle and Darrell Thorne, Vangeline Theater

Act Two 11:30 PM

Amber Martin, Claudette Rodrigues, It Was Romance, Lady Zombie, Rachel Klein Theater, Sweetie

Entracte: DJ Sammy Jo
Vangeline Theater with Basil Twist, Machine Dazzle and Darrell Thorne

Act Three 1 AM

Bridget Barkan, Maryanne Piccolo, Poison Eve and Darlinda Just Darlinda, Severely Mame, What Time Is It Mr. Fox?, Battle of a Thousand Stevies (finale)

Post show dancefloor: VJ Tre

More on NOTS at our NOTS website and Facebook page...


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