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I heard some songs fom her "Big Band Explosion" album recently and as always, Nina is amazing. I think she is so fabulous and beautiful...and that voice!I love her sooo much.I know it's noy new, but her cover of "Ziggy Stardust" is my fave Bowie cover. I lied it's a tie between that and Blondie's version of "Heroes".

Shhh...I'm trying to listen to reason...
Zazoo and I finally got ahold of "7 Zwerge" a German version of the 7 Dwarfs though NetFlix this week...

"WHY?" You ask?

Well, because this movie produced in 2004 stars both NINA HAGEN as the wicked queen and her daughter COSMA SHIVA HAGEN as Snow White.
(We've heard from several sources that Cosma Shiva was amazingly beautiful, and they didn't lie!)

The humor is German Slapstick with pretty high production values.

It seem like they got all bi-lingual actors, because the over-dubbed version from Netflix uses Nina Hagen's voice in English, so go ahead and get it. (we were a bit worried they might use a different actors voice for the dub.

I could not find the English dubbed version on YouTube, but this German version gives you some fun scenes with Nina:

Nina and Cosma Shiva Hagen in 7 Zwerge (Dwarfs)

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