So Kids, after a long and fruitless NYC hiatus, WE have decided to decamp, move to the sultry South and pursue life on 3/4 time.

Ted, took up flying and now is the Pilot of a rather spiffy and sleek Diamond Da-40 (garmin g 1000 for the pie/lots) Nods to Darla D. for the push in that direction.
(IFR is his Forte. He can hold 2 degrees and altitude in solid (actual) IFR)

Di is still hot and has now become an ace shot with her pistol. Still rock'n the corset. Driving the pickup...

Love you all ...


in the ether...



T ~ D
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Yes, where? I'm about to embark on a tour of the Sultry South for at least a couple of months...details?

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