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If you would rather die than miss a specific performer at Night of 1000 Stevies, this topic is for you!

It contains the approximate start time of each ACT, and all the performers in that act, not in order within the act. So, if a performer you love is in Act 3, for example, be sure to be within view of the stage by 1:45...


Act One - 10:30 PM

Divine Grace, Gypsy Wilde, Jonny Tingle, Nearly Nicks, The Pearl Dandy, Rachel Klein Theatre, Sherry Vine, St. Eve

Entracte - Vangeline Theater, Amber Ray, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Machine Dazzle, Paige Stevenson

Act Two - Midnight

Adam Dugas, Mia Theodoratus and Amber Martin, Belladonna, Billy O, Brooke McMahan, Charlene Coran, Heather Litteer, Jazmen Flowers, Justin Bond, Sweetie, The HoHos

Entracte - St. Eve, Amber Ray, Machine Dazzle, Miss Kelly Webb, Vangeline Theater

Act Three 1:45

Bella Luna, Erickatoure Aviance, Gusty Winds, Poison Eve, Velocity Chyaldd + Devyl Dave, Battle of a Thousand Stevies
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