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With delight we bring you this year's "Who Is On When" so you can plan your time at NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES 23 on May 3, 2013 correctly. We are so excited to welcome you to an updated venue and phenomenal show lineup this year.



Please note that performers and ensembles are listed here in alphabetical order, not their exact running order within each Act!




9 - 10:30 PM VJ Tre spins rare Stevie and Fleetwood multimedia

Act One Begins 10:30 PM
MCs Chi Chi Valenti and Hattie Hathaway
Desert Sin, Divine Grace, Gypsy Dust, Lindsey Dragan, Lee Chappell, Suzie Nicks and Fleetwood Maxx and the Tambourine Toss

Entracte Entertainment:

DJ Craig Spencer
Vangeline France, Coco and Kat MonDieu, Machine Dazzle and Darrell Thorne

Act Two Begins at Midnight
MCs Editrix Abby and Hattie Hathaway
Amber Martin, Heather Litteer, The Ho Hos, Jazmen Flowers, Jenna Torres, Johnny Quinlan, Rachel Klein Theater and the Tambourine Toss Redux

Entracte Entertainment:

DJ Tre and DJ Craig Spencer
Coco and Kat MonDieu, Machine Dazzle and Darrell Thorne
Vangeline Theater

Act Three Begins at 1:30
MCs Chi Chi Valenti and Editrix Abby
Dirty Martini, DJ Rad and Pussy Noir, Kyle Supley + Paul Leschen, The Play Babies, Poison Eve and Darlinda Just Darlinda, Xavier  

Battle of A Thousand Stevies (Finale)

Latenight NOTS Dancefloor 2:30 - 4 AM

DJ Craig Spencer and Guests

Please join us on the Enchanted Dancefloor as the cast and crew come out for a twirl!


All other NOTS info is on our website


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