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We are now just a few days from NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES 25 and have our final show schedule. These are in order by Act One, Two and Three but not within the set - we have to keep some surprises! If you are coming to see a specific performer, ensemble or DJ just make sure you are in the room by the Set time listed for their Act.


Doors open 9 PM

VJ Tre spins rare and multimedia and mixes till Act One begins


Act One begins 10:30 PM

Show Opening, Rachel Klein Theater, It Was Romance, Sherry Vine, Chi Chi Valenti, Tambourine Toss, St. Eve and What Time Is It Mr. Fox?


Between Act One and Two

DJ Craig Spencer

Method Stevie Go-Go: Darlinda Just Darlinda, Scooter Pie, Machine Dazzle and Darrell Thorne


Act Two Begins 11:45

Amber Martin, Bridget Barkan and Xavier, Vangeline Theater, Fleetwood Maxx, The Ho-Hos, Jazmen Flowers, Tambourine Toss, Paul Alexander


Between Act Two and Three

DJ Sammy Jo

Method Stevie Go-Go: Machine Dazzle and Darrell Thorne, Vangeline Theater


Act Three Begins 1:15

Heather Litteer, Hattie Hathaway, Poison Eve, Gusty Winds and Severely Mame, Kym Larsen, Johnny Quinlan, Battle of 1000 Stevies (finale)


After Act Three

DJ Sammy Jo spins for a last evening twirl, Late-Night


Photo: Battle of 1000 Stevies at NOTS 20 (2010) by Kevin Tachman/BackstageAT


All other info is at



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