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Are there any Mboards performance artists, spoken-word divas, singer/ songwriters, playwrights etc.-- that feel they would benefit from a weekly get-together?

When I was in school not so very long ago - I had a class that was for emerging work: new poetry, performances and ideas. each person was assigned a "scribe": a student who would watch the development of a piece and provide a practice "audience" outside of the class. The scribe was responsible for meeting with the 'artist', watching the work and offering practical insight. This worked incredibly well, especially as relationships between the artist/scribe deepened.

What Im thinking about is a variation on that theme. A small group of like-minded souls could get together for a couple hours every week (in a fabulous studio, in Manhattan) and share upcoming work: Meet at the studio (30$ split 4 or 5 ways!), do some fun warm-ups then share works-in-progess and provide feedback.

In essence, each performer would have a chance to practice, fine-tune, and brainstorm ideas before a live audience each week. The artist would then step into the "scribe" role - writing down/or otherwise expressing ideas, criticisms and thoughts about the work they just saw. Eventually this work would be taken to the streets, the club, the stage after getting a workout with 'ny scribes'!!

The goal is to create an open, sharing environment encouraging growth, practice and risk-taking -- taking the art of practicing to a higher level!

A different person could be responsible for the location each week, and could facilitate the class. I know there are a ton of facilitators in artmaker!

any thoughts?
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Hey there Jade! Long time no e mail, baby!

I love this idea, not only is it vital to get feedback, BUT this would serve the ever-present need to gain some F**cking inspiration!! I sometimes feel like a lonely trooper - creating and trying to complete things and get support, feedback and criticism from people. I ask WHERE do I meet people who are doing this? Where? ANSWER: At their homes because they are there, diligintly working on art!

This meet would also serve artists who work great with deadlines, showdates (as in myself!) making them (me) whip something together for atleast a small critical audiences ear...

I'm in. Will be checking back to see how this grows and goes...

X - derrickinadress
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wow - its been a while - derrick and I have been discussing reviving a workshop atmosphere for performers - basically 1.5 - 2 hours someplace fun (studio in manhattan) where we can present work for each other and give/get feedback - just for the hell of it!

im trying to combat some real "who gives a shit" stuff about creating.... fyi

hey, if you're interested, please post times you might be available to meet.

I was thinking tues eve maybe 8 to 10 someplace..

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I am so excited to be reading this forum! Count me in.
Although Monday evening would be the best for me at the moment as Tuesdays have become sketchy for me in April. But maybe I'll just have to say F@%ck you to my Tuesday obligations... ALSO, as par Jade's blurb. I am working on putting together a spoken word and song show with the "Concerts for Kerry" organization, please watch for more info forthcoming.

PS - Hey there Bobby! Tell J. Casertano I said Hello.

X - d
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Hey there - Ive been so flaky on this! Since monday is my birthday (woo hoo!) Ive decided to take off the pressure and pick the Scribes project up right when i get back from Tennessee...

so, yes - postponed....

Im so tickled about all the interest, and Im looking forward to launching this sucker - but AFTER Mercury goes direct, ok?


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