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Just for the record...
Paris is Burning 2 is not a sequal to "Paris is Burning". It's not an official one anyway. It's not Jenny Livingston directing, I've met the director. He's very nice and has been working very hard on this film for years now but it has nothing to do with the first one. Just some of the same people I guess. Sort of where are they now. I don't know how he can use the title "Paris is Burning". But what do I know.

Glad you met Octavia Christopher. She's a dream come true right?
Yeah, they are also making another documentary about the house/ball community/scene. It's called "How Do I Look" and features a lot of the house Legends and Statements. I know that Wari Shade (father of the House of Shade NYC), who is my daddy, is collaborating with the director and helping out with the films production. Willi Ninja (House of Ninja) is also in it, in addition to Kevin Aviance, Carmen Xtravaganza, and the list goes on and on and on...

The link is here: How Do I Look

Also...there is a documentary done on the House of Xtravaganza (legendary for many reasons among those, because of Jose Xtravaganza and David Ian Xtravaganza who is responsible for Madonna's "Vogue" and toured with her) which is located here: House of Xtravaganza Documentary by Kika <-the site is in German, but the video is in english.


Scandals, girl, Scandals.

-Nicky Laz.

.:the immaculate mr. n :.
Hey Nicky how are ya? Its so wonderful to see the ball scene is still up an running, I have a very close friend in the House of Latex, and the House of Latex, asked me to walk for them, which I was quite flattered. My friends and I have been watching the video tapes from different balls, we watch them over and over, and I want to go to one, and eventually walk. We'll see and thanks so much for the info, Octavia is so beautiful! Wink
Thanks for that X-travaganza link. It was fun for me to watch because I don't really know alot of the kids anymore. It's a whole new world. You know I'm an X-travaganza but I'm from the original house. Well, not the very original house (when Voguing Hector was the father) but the Middle Kingdom with Mother Angie & Father David. Almost all of them are gone now. I really miss them. Clubs have never been the same. Last year Hector X-trava and I went down to the pier. It was so sad. It's all gone now. It was funny though, we happened to run into Raquel X-trava who also hadn't been in the village for ages. It was very strange. Last year I saw Carmen (who still is as beautiful as ever). She is now the Mother of the house (I guess with Scorpio as the Father). She was telling me about all the kids but I didn't know any of them. It warms my heart though to see the House go on with a new generation. Sometimes I'll meet a little X-travaganza child. I'll tell them that I'm X-trava and Angie was my Mother. They gag. (I feel like The Vampire Lestat or Marius). I tell them that I did "Elements of Vogue" (the anthem) and they drop to their knees. It's Biblical for them. By the way, Jose and David Ian were not responsible for Madonna's Vogue. David Ian was a genius and wrote the words (with much editing) to "Elements of Vogue".
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Formaly known as Octavia St. Laurent!

I was out trannie chasing at Ina's last night (don't ask) and ran into Octavia. She's as gorgeous in person as she is in the photographs on this string. She also couldn't be nicer.

On the Paris is Burning 2 front, she wanted me to let everyone know that she was very unhappy with the first cut that premiered a few weeks ago. She is working with the director to recut the film and will keep us updated on its progress.

The important thing is that she's back in NY and doing well. But just remember if you see her around her Heavenly.

After all....she is!

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