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Starting this topic to start broadcasting some planned events for this.

This potential plan from Peaches Christ looked of particular interest to the Mother family:

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Original Post from Peaches Christ.
Facebook feedback on Drag Bus
Hey there NY Friends!

I'm just trying to gauge interest in a possible drag bus trip from NYC to Washington DC to attend the upcoming March On Washington, Oct. 11th 2009.

The drag bus would leave NYC on Saturday, Oct. 10th and head East to D.C. The trip would include your shared room / overnight stay in D.C. on Saturday night, and we'd do something fantastic and fun on Saturday night (show / club), then wake and march on Sunday and head back to NYC on Sunday night, October 11th.

This would be a wild, fun time and the bus would feature drag queens galore, fun stops, games, and shows along the way.

Whoever says being political is a drag, hasn't seen the half of it!

So, if you think this is something you'd be interested in, please let us know so we can decide on how to proceed.

The cost of the trip would probably be around $100-$130 per person depending on charter bus cost, hotel room cost, etc.

Right now, we're just trying to gauge interest. I'm hoping there'd be loads of NYC folks hungry for this kind of trip, but don't want to move forward before knowing...
They are trying to gauge interest by next week, so if you might be interested put in your feedback this week. HERE.
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