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Bankie is an ex-tagger from Loisaida. He made a killing suing the MTA for running over his left foot with the #21 bus in like 1992.

Now he's 'played' everyone for sure, including you!

All that wood is your city tax dollars at work.

Well, seven, then I consider the large joss sticks I was passed at The Dune Preserve ("Banky's Joint") one of the only perks Ive ever gotten on being a NYC taxpayer.

The place was genius at midnight-ish, when we arrived. It had that Black Market afterhours feel, including the cabdrivers lounging on couches waiting to take people home. I LOVE this concept.

Banky himself was quite something to behold. Someone had described him as looking "freeze-dried", and I have to say, he did!

TOO much fun, as was our brief stay on the nudist beach at St. Maarten.
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Hattie will have to confirm this but I believe the Victorians paved the whole idea of foreign travel, hotels vacations etc.
It was very exclusive and only for the rich.
Now-a-days EVERYBODY takes vacations in foreign lands.
It's very middle class, even lower class (Cancun, Club Med etc.)
So what the rich pay for today is privacy.
You pay for not having to look at middle class people in their bathing suits.
Private little islands like Cap Juluca with private little villas with private little pools. (We even had a private little solarium to sun bath...
privately of course).
When you check in they tell you that there are no locks on the doors at Cap Juluca. (And there aren't!)
You see, there are only rich people and locks are not necessary.
There is a small airport for people to land their private jets (and not see tacky people flying business class).
As the planet gets more and more crowded privacy is more and more valuable.
Actually Daddy, the concept of travel being an exclusive province of the rich started in the 1600s (with the European "Grand Tour"). It was the Victorians that ruined travel for the high rollers with their railroads, opening sea bathing resorts wherever it was warm. And for the middle classes, egads! But the Victorians and Edwardians did help popularize travel to far-off locales. After all, they owned all of those places, including St. Martin/Maarten & Anguilla, and it was either the fabulously wealthy or completely destitute who got to go there, either out of adventure or in desperation.

"Where over the world, say where,
You find an island there,
So lovely small with nations free
With people French and Dutch
Though talking English much,
As thee Saint-Martin in the sea ?"

Catchy, ain't it? It's their official song.
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Hattie will have to confirm this but I believe the Victorians paved the whole idea of foreign travel, hotels vacations etc.

You mean imperialsm?

And yes it most definitely is key to not have to look at les miserables when you're trying to have a relaxing vacation. Sometimes you look around an airport lounge and think, "Ugh, flying is for pigs!"
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Well you should know DJ Sammy Jo...
I mean Nancy Isla.
You travel more than any DJ I know.
You have been in more foreign lands than any virus.

And Hattie,
You never cease to amaze me.
So the Victorians WEREN'T the first!
And of course you even know the song!

And Bobby,
The island is very small, about 10,000 people or something like that.
Everybody there seems to be working and happy.
No real class issues that I saw.
They saw the rich people as "income" and were very nice everywhere we went.
Maybe if you are there for a while it's different but it seems to be working just fine.

And Anna Nicole,
Local trade would be all over you!
Unless of course you have lost any more weight!
Every time I see you you are skinnier and skinnier!
Did you know about this?.......

19th Annual Moonsplash Music Festival set for Anguilla
Bankie Banx to host four day reggae concert and beach party at Ultra Funky Dune Preserve under the March full moon
NEW YORK, NY, February 2009 - Get ready for another weekend of fabulous music and beach party magic when Moonsplash 2009 takes place March 26 - 29, 2009 under the glorious glow of an Anguillian full moon. Hosted by Anguilla's own musical ambassador Bankie Banx at his ultra-funky Dune Preserve beach club and concert venue on the shores of Rendezvous Bay, fans will be treated to a combination of talented artists in an unforgettable setting.

More than a 4-day beach party, Moonsplash began as a musical outlet for Bankie Banx and has emerged as a showcase for emerging regional talent and a musical reunion for some of reggae's finest. Joining Bankie and his All Star Band this year are Reggae Bad Boys "Inner Circle" and up-and-coming conscious crooner Duane Stephenson, along with a lineup of additional artists to be announced.

Inner Circle goes back nearly four decades with a host of reggae dance floor standards. They are best known for their international COP anthem "Bad Boys" which has been used as the theme song for the long running Reality TV hit COPS and was also the feature for the sound track of the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence blockbusters Bad Boys and Bad Boys II.

Duane Stephenson was originally a member of Toisis and left to pursue a solo career just two years ago. In that time he has carved out a unique sound and a loyal following.

The festival kicks off on Thursday, March 26th and includes two nights of seaside headliner concerts at Dune Preserve on Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28. The weekend caps off with a grand beach party open to the public at the Dune Preserve on Sunday, March 29 beginning at 12 noon with local foods, crafts and more music.

The idyllic Dune setting is sure to be one of the festival stars as well. An eclectic blend of driftwood, fishing boats and brightly-painted platforms set on one of the world's most beautiful beaches, one would be hard pressed to find a more picture perfect concert venue in the entire Caribbean.

The festival is sponsored by the Anguilla Tourist Board and Caribbean Liquors/Coors.

For tickets and information regarding Moonsplash 2009 visit To learn more about Anguilla, call the Anguilla Tourist Board at 1-877-4 ANGUILLA or visit

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