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Michael T, Twig the Wonderkid, Mike Greco, and MaryAnne Piccolo present

Oh! You Pretty Things : Discotheque

Sunday May 25th - Memorial Day Weekend

"Oh! You Pretty Things" in association with "Damn the Light Promotions" are pleased to present a classic seventies-era disco extravaganza courtesy of The Disco Infernos along with a live sets, cabaret performances, and a cast of thousands .

Emcee Pepper Mint

The Disco Infernos featuring Michael T, Mike Greco, Maryanne Piccolo, Pepper Mint, Andromeda Turre, Brian Dudolevitch, Danielle Tyler, Danny Musengo, Dimitri Moise, Felix Hess, Frank Bell, Lexi Rhoades, N'Kenge, Stephane Duret, Strange Majik, and more

Lives set by Brittany Campbell, Briana Layon and the Boys, and J and the 9s

Special performance by Breedlove and Chew Fu

Hosted by Darian Darling, King Vulcanus, Leo Gugu, Miss Tiffany Leigh, Hunteur Vreeland, and Marz Attack

Burlesque by The Love Show and Annie Rush

Twig the Wonderkid, Damian Cote, and Rich King spin classic seventies-era disco

Dress Code : Sequinned Jumpsuits, Spandex Catsuits, Polyester Bellbottoms, and Platforms Shoes


$20 General Admission
$15 Advance Tickets

Sunday May 25th @ 9pm 21+ID

Le Poisson Rouge 158 Bleecker and Thompson St New York City

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