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As is our custom here, posts are moved from the RIP/VIP forum to their own topic. Surely many here are mourning the death of this beloved House of Domination member and soul mate of Genesis P-Orridge, also much loved around these parts. So, carry on, and I will attempt to boot in the posts in order.

Rest in peace, Miss Jackie. You are already missed.
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More sad news -

Miss Jackie Breyer aka Shecky Domination aka Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge died of an apparent heart attack in Brooklyn on Tuesday October 9. She had recently been on tour with Psychic TV 3 (PTV3) and her life mate Genesis P-Orridge. She was in her mid thirties.

Dont have many details, and would appreciate any posted here.

Our hearts go out to Gen and all the many friends who loved her.
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Oh dear, I am so sad to hear this news. I loved Shecky, she was such a wonderful person. I am very, very sad; whenever we would run into each other we would swear that this time we were going to call each other . . . one thinks one has all the time in the world. Oh dear.

I found this bit:

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and her reactivated Psychic TV aka PTV3 are terribly sad to announce the cancellation of their November North American tour dates. This decision is entirely due to the unexpected passing of band member Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge.

Lady Jaye died suddenly on Tuesday 9th October 2007 at home in Brooklyn, New York from a previously undiagnosed heart condition which is thought to have been connected with her long-term battle with stomach cancer. Lady Jaye collapsed and died in the arms of her heartbroken "other half" Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

Being overwhelmed by the enormity of their loss, Genesis and the other surviving band members of Psychic TV/PTV3 are not able to properly meet the demands of touring and performance. Obviously, her absence onstage , the conspicuous loss of her unique charisma, music and humour would be an unbearable emotional reality to confront night after night.

The group, who have been touring to promote their first studio album in 12 years, will announce future plans after an appropriate period of mourning.
I'm wrecked... I knew Jackie since she was a 'baby Domme' at the age of 19...Jackie stuck by me through many hard times. Most recently when I gave up the 'biz' in New York and went through many trials, she called me every single day and came over nearly as often.
She wanted to make sure I didn't lose my marbles along with my business.

Though gorgeous and a clothes' horse, & at times
a bit of a narcissist (who wouldn't be if you were that gorgeous? What a picture!) she still was grounded, a natural powerhouse,
and took care of many, many people.
She studied nursing throughout her life and worked periodically in that field.
Once she took a position taking meds to poverty-stricken children with terminal illnesses
in the projects. The agency gave her an armed bodyguard to see her through her day!
Not many people could do such work.

We used to joke that one day she'd be carrying me to the toilet
and bringing me my gruel, but "only if you are good."
I really thought I'd know her until the end of my days.

Last year she suffered through a bout of stomach cancer, from which she recovered
through homeopathy, goats' milk and a regimen of herbs. We were
all amazed and relieved she got through it.
Her death was the result of an apparent congenital heart weakness, or brought on by the cancer struggle...
That big old thing just suddenly gave out, at home, at the end of her busy day.

As much as we mourn her, we must also mourn her great love and husband,
Genesis P-Orridge, whose agony and feeling of abandonment
I can't even begin to approach. Lots of love to Gen, and to Jackie
now glorified in the aethyr, I know checking our pulses and making sure we're
happy -- just thinking about her.
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Watching someone you adore collapse and blink out right in front of you without any warning at all is just brutal.

You don't even begin to get a handle on it for weeks and weeks.

I only knew them slightly through scattered social events, they both were unpreposessing, understated and warm. I hope Genesis doesn't fall into a hole too deep. They way she went out shouldn't happen anyone.
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I am so so sorry to hear about jackie/shecky/jaye, i just heard today. Unbelievable, again. She was I think the person I did the most Jackie 60 stage time w, along w Gloria Hole, and was just the best and most lovely generous lady. A sister, she was a shining person. Jackie and Gen together were an example of truest love, every conversation Ive ever had with either of them at one point or another turned to how in love , how hot they were for each other. I am so so sorry for Gen's heartbreak and loss, and for all of Jaye's friends and family, it's a huge loss.
I spoke to Gen today, who is grief stricken to say the least. S/he relayed to me how important it is to her that everyone honor and tribute Jaye, and their love for each other. She wants to make some kind of book where people testify about Jaye, and her life's work of proving that real perfect unconditional love does exist. I want to help her make this happen, if anyone has ideas about how to carry this out let me know.

Gen also said Jaye's spirit is still around, and actually pushed her off the bed! Making her presence knwn to her. She was buried in a beautiful place in Ithica, according to her wishes of not using any chemical embalming anything, (theres a name for this that i forgot, and only a few places in n america that allows for this type of burial) so that she can quickly become part of the earth and there are plans to sometime grow a tree in the spot above her. Gen bought the spot next to her.

Count me in to as extra hands to help organize whatever kind of memorial is put together.

Love to all of you
The Independent newspaper in England -

Lady Jaye Breyer P-orridge
Psychic TV keyboardist and singer
Published: 23 October 2007
Jacqueline Breyer (Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge), nurse, keyboardist and singer: born 1969; married 1993 Genesis P-Orridge; died New York 9 October 2007.

The self-proclaimed "cultural engineer" and conceptual artist Genesis P-Orridge has been creating controversy since the mid-Seventies, first with Throbbing Gristle, pioneers of industrial music, and then with the psychedelic collective Psychic TV.

In 1993, P-Orridge (*é Neil Megson in Manchester in 1950) met and then married Jacqueline Breyer. She adopted the name Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge and the couple subsequently set about becoming mirror images of one another or, more precisely, through the repeated use of cosmetic surgery, mutating into a single being they called "Breyer P-Orridge". "As a couple, we want to become more and more one," said Genesis P-Orridge in 2004:

I guess I'm dedicated to breaking every inherited mould I can in my private life, and I am blessed to work with a partner who is prepared to be involved in that process too. We both went and got breast implants on the same day, on our 10th anniversary, and we woke up in hospital holding hands. By chance, we have the same size shoes, but now we can also share lingerie as well!

He coined the term "pandrogyny" to define this extreme experiment but, even if it brought the couple greater notoriety in contemporary art circles, the project often felt like a spin too far on Gilbert and George's life-as-performance art. The photographs taken during the couple's successive operations provided material for several mixed-media exhibitions, including one entitled "Painful But Fabulous" which toured European capitals and the more liberal American art institutions in the United States.

They lived in Brooklyn, New York, with their two cats, and seemed totally at ease with their chosen lifestyle. "People often want to ask us about our sex lives, especially since Genesis had his breasts," said Lady Jaye. "And I always tell them that we have the life of a normal married couple."

Born in 1969, Jacqueline Breyer attended a Catholic school and was interested in religious imagery and iconography from an early age. She became a nurse, caring for children with terminal illnesses or incurable disabilities, and also did voluntary work for animal charities in New York. When she met Genesis P-Orridge, she hadn't heard of Psychic TV, though she was familiar with the Throbbing Gristle track "Hamburger Lady" and the group's place in the grandiloquent, Grand Guignol scheme of industrial music.

In 1995, a couple of years after meeting Breyer, Genesis P-Orridge suffered dreadful injuries and nearly lost his left arm while escaping a fire at the Los Angeles home of the producer Rick Rubin. He used the money awarded in a $1.5m lawsuit against the producer in 1998 to bankroll his further experiments in photography, collage and sculpture, as well as music and cosmetic surgery. Lady Jaye altered her nose and chin to look more like her husband's while he had cheek implants to match her distinctive facial contours, but the couple drew the line at anything more drastic than their matching breast implants. "I would really prefer us to not have to lose anything," Lady Jaye said.

If I could have a penis attached, I would do it tomorrow, but for him to lose any part of the body that could give pleasure, that's not the idea. We made a decision not to try to go after a conventional idea of beauty. We both could have changed our faces to look like some kind of ideal, but we wanted to look like each other. We're trying to meet in the middle.

With Lady Jaye's help, Genesis P-Orridge enjoyed something of a creative resurgence and critical reappraisal of his work. In 1999, he performed with both Thee Majesty – his spoken-word project – and Psychic TV at the Royal Festival Hall in London, and subsequently rejoined his estranged colleagues to reform Throbbing Gristle in 2004. Lady Jaye also introduced him to the New York drummer Edward O'Dowd (aka Morrison Edley), who assembled around the couple a new line-up of Psychic TV under the name PTV3. They were due to undertake a European and North American tour to promote Hell Is Invisible . . . Heaven Is Her/e, the group's first studio album in 12 years, which was released in 2006 and featured contributions from members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Butthole Surfers, as well as Lady Jaye on keyboards, samples and vocals.

"We view Breyer P-Orridge as a separate person who is both of us," Lady Jaye explained. "Neither of us take credit for the work, the work is a melding of both of our ideas which we would not have had singly. Both of us are in all of our art. That third being, Breyer P-Orridge, is always present."

Pierre Perrone
I am helping Genisis put together a memorial service for our beautiful Jackie. We are looking for photographs and video of her so we can put together a tribute of images to show at the memorial. If anyone has anything they would like to contribute please call or e-mail me. Also,if there is anything else you would like to do to help make the memorial special
let me know. The memorial will happen in March and I will post more details later. Thank you
Jackie we miss you......
Info on the memorial this Saturday...

Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge (1969-2007)

was one half of the artist BREYER P-ORRIDGE.
S/he was also a member of Psychic TV/PTV3 and Thee Majesty. S/he passed from heart failure as a result of an undiagnosed complication in her 2 year struggle with stomach cancer.

Lady Jaye was an inspirational spirit and performer in the original House Of Domination at Jackie 60 in the 1980's and early 1990's. S/he performed in off-Broadway theatrical productions; was a member of BlackLips Theatre Cult(with Antony of the Johnsons, the Dueling
Bankheads, and Marti Domination amongst other underground luminaries) and was a catwalk model, actress in experimental movies.

S/he met her "other half" Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in 1993 at legendary author and diarist Ms.Terence Sellers secret abode
and they both fell in love at first sight.
They were inseparable from then until her passing. Evenually creating an art project they called PANDROGENY in 1999 the focus of which was
using surgery and identity to be visually and spiritually the same. Their love was a clarion call to evolution beyond gender and surpassing
biology. When asked what her ultimate desire was s/he replied:

The memorial will begin at 7pm(approx). There will be never before seen documentary video and film footage of Lady Jaye's theatre and performance story created by Marie Losier and Laura Parnes; an archive photographs and slide show created by Laure Leber; musical highlights and method go-go burlesque reminiscences as well as rare documentary movies and installations.

The "CANDY CABARET" has confirmed: Mr Bryin Dall, Miss Marti, Julie Atlas Muz, Kembra Pfahler, Hattie Hathaway(tbc) with more legendary surprises to be added...

Saturday March 8th, 2008
Participant Inc.
253 east houston st
between norfolk + suffolk
new york city
tel: 1-212-254-4334
I'm just reading Evie's post and I broke out laughing.
I know, not the reaction one would expect but...
Where the hell did she ever get the name "Shecky"?!!!
She was so brilliant and so damn funny.
The sort of name that you'd expect on some fat bald old jewish comedian in The Catskills not the lovely young blonde bombshell that she was!
It's genius.
I know most people now know her as Lady Jaye Breyer and of course that is her name but to me she will always be our daughter "Shecky".
As you know in every underground there are always nicknames... I was Stanley for so long, based on my infamous habitation at St. Anne's church in Madrid, NM [St. Ann - Stan - Satan]

"How Shecky got her name" ... one day at the Shack after hooting it up, Marti, Jackie and I started making up old Jewish-guy names for ourselves, to go with the revered Head-of-Shack STANLEY... Marti became Mordecai (which never stuck - she will always be The Horse) and Jackie became SHECKY which stuck so well some of the girls never even knew her name was Jackie!

Eva was briefly 'Hymie' which later resolved itself into "The Big Easy." You might see that gigantic gem of the feminine this Saturday. She resurfaced lately and has a beautiful 5-year-old.

Madame Stan
Thank you for that Whip Shack memory S'tan.
I should have known.
Your cozy little torture chamber has been at the center of so much greatness.
People have no idea.

NOTE: The name "JACKIE 60" indirectly came out of a retarded day of "Hooting it up" at the Whip Shack.

And Marti as "Mordecai"...
I love it!

I want an old Jewish lady name!
I know, I can be "Esther"!
No wait, that one's taken.
I guess I'll be "Yaakove" for Shecky's memorial.
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Highlights of her Memorial? I'm sorry I could not be there.

I was trying to think of a name for you Daddy - I wanted to name you after
that infamous bagel place on Houston, over which Brigitte used to live... where the hookers used the flour sacks in the basement for tricks. Yonah Schimmel?
After B. told me about that I never ate there again.

Shecky was a lapsed Catholic from Queens, still she was such a hardcore New Yorker I somehow referenced her as Jewish more than once...

Did Diva go to the Memorial? She used to think Shecky looked like Shelly Duvall! But I was enjoying "Carmen Jones" the other night, and I have to say Dorothy Dandridge had a very fetching Jackie look about her, something in the slim quickness, the perky angles of the face and the big glowy eyes.

Well, we see our beloved lost ones everywhere, at times.

I didn't see Muffy but almost every Daughter of Domination was there.
It was the fiercest showing of the House Of Domination ever.
Mother Kitty boots and The Empress were ruling over the nest like hens. You were sadly missed.
There were really only a few of the girls who weren't there because they live far away.
It was stunning.
Last night I got the dish from the Shoe Dancer...
(she reminded me her Jew-man name was "Manny") She told me it was all beautiful, the video "Life of..." especially! And that one might be able to actually buy this video. Yes and I missed the 'class reunion' it seems...

Well it's very melancholy. I just want her back.
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Pretty nice article... but somehow it gives me the willies.

"Gen's royal "we" has taken on an added resonance after Jaye's death, since in a way he's speaking for both of them: The pandrogeny project is still ongoing, but in a different form. Now Gen feels it's his duty to represent both himself and Jaye on this physical plane; as a result, he's planning additional surgeries to more closely resemble her. "I need to balance out my energy," he says. He's been wearing Jaye's clothes almost exclusively"”they were the same size, except around the shoulders"”and using her cell phone, keeping her outgoing greeting, despite the protests of some of their friends."
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