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open letter to the WOW report blog
re: its regular anti-obama reportage including today's reprinting of the racist "new yorker" cover, complete with "liberals have no sense of humor" talking points.

oh my gosh
"a guy named w*yne" is so so full of shit.
just like wintour's "king kong" cover, this image was a sick gift from the compromised new york times to dishonest trash like him.
but he and his hostile ignorance/banal evil are not the issue.
i know w*yne is only a witless "surrogate" as they say, promoting the shameful anti-obama agenda which higher-ups @ WOW will not admit to publicly.
that's what's so sad about this story.
you guys have thrown out any sense of decency, of moral balance and anything approaching intellect or "taste".
you are followers, not leaders.
you are not "artists" anymore.
you have become craftsmen of destruction.
you have sold out completely.
pop has finally eaten itself.
it's tastes like cardboard, doesn't it, boos?
you have sold out and trashed the non-pc, yet deeply human and honest legacies of
rupaul, andy warhol, the cockettes, sylvester, holly woodlawn, jayne county, john waters,
shirley clarke, etc.
you care only for money and "power".
fools should *know better*.
don't you understand that status and wealth are an illusion?
you had a platform and and opportunity and you blew it.
if you all end up rotting in a dubai prison as a result of your myopic, prideful, selfish, entitled faggotry, no one will say you didn't ask for it in the most cravenly hubristic manner possible.
WOW has sold out its divine, bohemian heritage in order to become part of the right-wing anti-obama propaganda machine.
rupaul, how do you feel about having thrown your in lot so inextricably wiith an overtly r*cist organization?
i ask you this as a devoted follower since 1985.
james st. james - you are a special gay bohemian/intellectual(?).
please don't dumb yourself down any more.
you have a responsibility to your young audience.
you are not nancy reagan and you will never have her life.
randy, you always seemed too sweet and smart to end up so corporately compromised and cynical.
why can't you support sen. obama?
where are your priorities?
fenton, i have a feeling that WOW's increasingly anti-obama direction is All Your Fault.
how dare you?
how dare you?
who do you think you are?
remember, andy warhol became a republican for * a night* -
not a season or a lifetime.
i hope you enjoy eating enangered species and unrestrainedly burning oil with princes.
you have sold out your audience by identifying too closely with those who would see you rot in jail as soon as they would look at you.
god. will. get. you. for. this.
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as of yesterday wow report has endorsed sen. obama.
better late than never, bitches!
(were you hoping for an assassintion before the convention?)
no hard feelings, girls.
do the right thing.
keep hope alive.
"a guy named wayne" is still blogging there, but he has changed his handle and his voice is muted.
i also notice he has been struck from rupaul's top friends on myspace.
call me petty!
yes we can!
wayne's blurb:

>>whatever. I posted your video ode to Miss Prejean as I promised I would but one view was enough for me. Humor and talent are very subjective, to each his or her own. But your video, music, and comedic style just were not my cup of tea.<<

haha, he's so crazy!
wayne is a sweetheart for including me and i forgive him & world of wonder for all previous fist-bump eruptions.
it's nothing but love, boo!

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