Well as many of you know, I am a very big Oscar De La Hoya fan.
Second only to Sherry Vine (aka Mrs. Sherry De La Hoya)
But now I may have moved to the front of the line!
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I hate to be so francine but this is such an old story...... but bless he still looks hot... i love it that he made a statement about these pics that they were photoshopped! LOL aww bless... how come he never came to Jackie!
Yeah, that's what everybody is telling me.
"You just saw those pics NOW?"
You know me Anna Nicole...
always the last to know.
This was all over a month or two ago.

Cross dressing is a very straight guy thing. I recently reconnected with a very butch fag I've known for almost 20 years. He used to dress like a greaser, now he's a truck driver. He told me in his best Brooklynese "I got two pairs o'high heels. I like to wea' dem around da house. It's relaxing" It's the most straight acting thing I've ever heard him say.

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