Years and years ago, I heard wind of these parties going on in NYC that someone had dubbed "outlaw parties". Seem to recall two especially notable gigs being thrown, one in a subway station and one on a bridge, both locations being closed for construction. This sounded like the coolest thing ever, and...
-Jesus, if the word of that had trickled down to my 14 year old ears in Connecticut, I know that the buzz went everywhere.
I'm willing to bet that a bunch of you folks have got to have been in attendance. I'd really love to hear someone espouse memories on the subject.

It's said that these parties originated in Europe, while others maintain that it all began right here in NYC. Regardless of where it began, these gigs are credited with giving birth to the whole rave craze. Wel, j-j-j-j-jam on it, I wanna hear some stories. I wanna see some pictures.

Incidently, in these unpermitted times, I know it's next to impossible to get away with that sorta thing again. (shit! I'd like to pop one of Rudy's eyes out and make him give me a wink job.) However, it does seem that the next logical thing is happening, coordinated by the likes of a local personality [whose name involves a degree and a waterfowl] and the Cacophony Society, maybe a few other subversive factions.
These lovely freaks organize parties thrown on the Staten Island ferry, on specific subway cars, you name it. One of them last year ended in a small riot over by the old Esperanza gardens. (bonus points for that, but some people got hurt, so I'm not so sure that's cool)
Anyway, they try to keep it on the hush-hush, of course, and this being a public forum, I'll say no more.
Still, I'd love to hear about the Old Skool legendary outlaw parties of yore, if someone feel compelled to share...

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The first outlaw party I went to was arranged by Vito Bruno and his posse. This is in the early eighties. It was on the old elevated Westside Highway (Now gone) they served only vodka either with Cranberry or Orange and a mobile sound system played early rap and punk. Great night the cops came just as it was dissipating. The second that I remember was in an abandon subway station and they busted through a cinderblock wall to gain entrance. That was insane, Jammed packed no lights, to many people and the cops flooded the place near the end. I understand that Vito and company escaped unscathed. Of course! Then there was this party that was at the then decrepit theater at the east end of Grand Street on the east river. There was a huge sound system powered by car batteries. And you had to walk through a bombed out dark park before you entered the theatre and half the ceiling had fallen in. Amazing event !!!!! There was a battle of the rappers, the crowd was all walks of life. To many people came and the cops came but did not stop it cause in those days they got scared of rappers. I do not think the cops had ever seen hundreds of black and white people partying together like that and did not know what to do. Very fun night. The strangest Outlaw party was put together by Michael A and company near the end of the outlaw party life and that was in the early 90s. I t was at the MacDonald's on Times Square and everyone brought their booze and poured it in MacDs soda as a mixer and ordered tons of food. All the club kids were there and they had each brought boom boxes and tuned into the same dance station. The Place was a madhouse. The cops came and were asked to leave the event alone by the manager. Probably cause he was making so much money on food. It was quirky but not as cool as the Vito parties.

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Hi here is something that i wrote that has something to do with the outlaw parties:
i met/knew michael alig and james st. james in n.y.c. when they were organizing those great underground parties of theirs in public places like the upper west side highway one and the one at the old elevated train tracks on the lower west side an another great on in the subway station on 23 or 28 st. on the west side amongst others and also ofcourse i attended many of the wed. night disco 2ooo at the limelight theese two guys brought back a lot of the fun that was dying out in n.y.c. around that time, at least for me they brought life back to n.y.c. night life and they made my existance a lot more bearable, their parties were great, period. now waht happened with angel, who i never met, or maybe i did , but i dodn`t remember, was ofcourse a big targic mistake, maybe one of you will jump all over me for maybe not using a more sorrow sounding expression, and ofcourse we all would like to express our condolances to angels family and friends , and i would also like to add that i`m hispanic, but i`m not gonna turn this into a, "white man is the devil"-race issue because you all know there is no need for that, but one man who probably contributed alot to making those parties fun is dead and another two men who also made those parties fun are in prison for killing angel, may angel rest in peace. i hope micahel gets out soon and gets back to doing what he does best , which is trowing the most fun parties in n.y.c., because after all a man has the right to make a living in the way he chooses to do it. i hope you all dodn`t take this as me making out like the killing of a human being is not wrong and should go unpunished but alot of my friends from the old days of lower east side (1977-1991)have spent time in prison for commiting crimes due to the drug problems they faced, a couple for manslaughter, while others for robbery,theft etc... you all know what i mean, what happenned between angel and michael was because of drug a drug problem and being high on a drug(s) at the time that it happened, bad mouthing michael won`t bring angel back, and michael still has a life ahead of him, maybe we should be glad he does...

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