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That's why we love our Daddy, the absent-minded professor.

Anyhoo I'll probably go the Page memorial. Linda sent me that note also. I never knew her personally and was only introduced once, but I've always been intrigued and I'm definately a fan. See everyone there.

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Truely a celebration of all things Page. The slide show, Josef Astor's words, Page's mother's references to her as "my little girl," and Antony's version of "In My Little Cubicle" moved me enormously.
Of course it is always a treat to see Linda Simpson in full drag in the afternoon. She did a great job in organizing the memorial.

It struck me that most transsexuals strive for anonymity, and normality (and who can blame them), but Page was cut from a different cloth. She was, in her own words, always "hissing at conventionality." She chose a difficult, uncertain, yet glorious path. The word "hero" has been over-used a lot lately. But that is exactly what Page was. And I will miss her.
Thank you Casey for the suggestion. It's already a folder on my desktop. You seem to have a sharper memory than I because you reminded me that it was the "birth" of the pillow case look at Jackie 60. She had not premiered it in the city before that however I believe they showed her wearing it in a video in, another city, at her memorial. Hatches?
You are correct Bobby that was the first premier of that outfit, before she went to Jackie she popped into Dick's Bar wearing that. I told her she was out of her mind! but loved her anyway. She actually told me what inspired her to make this outfit, but now I can't remember what it was. A few months after, she showed up with the same concept but using a printed pillowcase, she told me this was the "Summer version". I miss Page.
Oh, all these memories from the past. Mister X you sound like me when I used to hear what Page would do.
I helped on a short film with Michael Burke starring Page called, "Statuesque" She loses her dog in Battery Park and searches all through Manhattan for it. At the end she finds her dog in her hair! That was my introduction to her, I was always remembered that first sight of her.
Even though she was well known in the late 80's and early 90's she seems pretty much forgotten now. Most people don't remember her if I bring her name up. It's all about Amanda Lepore now, I wonder what Page thought of Amanda?
I am really so touched that all of you wrote all of these messages about Page. The picture of her with her Mom by JA is really lovely , I had never seen that before. Page´s Mom was really devastated by her daughter´s death , as was I .

I guess no matter how paradoxical Page could be , she was the closest friend I ever had in new york city.

We created endless triumphant performances everywhere we went singing the Laverne and Shirley theme song as we made our way through the city to our next gig. We saw famous people, and not so famous people too. We rode in nice cars , had our pictures in glossy magazines all over the world. She was very proud of telling anyone that I was her voice teacher .

I remember Page´s playful spirit most of all. It seems like there are many unanswered questions for her public. I was in Europe at the time of her tragic passing. She had just missed that last phone call from me , and when I called back a week later , her friend Bruce told me that she was in a Coma , and that I had to rush back to America, being so far away made it very difficult on me. Linda was a gem for putting together the memorial.

Lilly , it troubles me deeply to hear that Page´s ex husband Peter (Peach) arrived at the hospital to find an empty bed. They loved each other very much. Did anyone see him at the memorial ? Lilly , did you see him there ?

I still dream of Page often , her spirit is still hanging around in the East Vilalge , and yes folks , she´s still up to her old tricks

Page liked Amanda , she HATED Coty Ravioli !

I hope this breaks the LEGENDARY curse of James F. Murphy III once and for all.

Dearest Page , I miss you so much , and I hate you for leaving me alone.

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