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I myself, am more like Nicole but I LOVE Paris I watch everything she's on to see what she's wearing. Nicole is too cute and speaks her mind and is crazy like myself. I can't wait to see house of wax, even though it doesn't look very good ( I did love the first one). I just love watching her.
I'm sad her and Nicole are on the outs and dying to know what Nicole did to piss her off. The new show can't be as good with out Nicole she's the crazy one.
I'm brand new today (a virgin) Would love to get to know all of you.
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Oooooooooo, You're a fiesty one reddstar!
That's good.
Welcome to The Motherboards, I'm glad you're not shy.

OK, I'm with Bobby on this one. I think Paris Hilton is disgusting. I hate her. I really do. I think she is EVERYTHING that the evil Islamic fundamentalist Mullahs say we are. I wish someone would behead her.

But that's just me.

Now it's your turn reddstar. Tell me why I'm wrong because I promise to keep an open mind. I've been wrong about people before. Tell me why you like her. I promise to listen to reason.

Pay no attention to Bobby.
You see, he used to date Paris' sister Nicky but then dumped her after Paris pleasured him in the back seat of Lizzy Grubman's car in The Hamptons one night. He then fell madly in love with Paris and dumped Nicky but Paris paid him no mind what so ever. She would just point to Bobby and laugh. Poor Bobby has never been the same.
That's what I heard anyway.

Now please tell us what's so good about Paris.
What's good about her, she's a sleazy Barbie doll! The one everyone's little brother stole and ripped the clothes off of, and covered in whipped cream and licked it off, etc. and then BEHEADED and jacked off on! A sexy inert plastic doll to abuse! Good stuff!

There's already a post (I started it) on these two dweebs... See Page Two here. Who cares if the two dweebles are no longer joined at the hip. Fox excised Nicole (probably because she has drug issues!) and bought Paris a brand-new arm-doily who looks almost just like her.

Bobby never made it with Paris! Quelle Scandale!! He was "only" her and Nicky's studly beard for getting into downtown parties. Well paid, too. But it burned him out. Last I heard he was back to doing Barbies.
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Oh how we amuse ourselves!

reddstar: Please pardon my bad manners.
Welcome to the Motherboards. I think you'll find we're outspoken here and encourage the same in newbies. Personal name calling is however discouraged unless you already know the person
to whom you are adressing. But welcome we love fresh blood.

Daddy: You KNOW none of that talk about me and the Hilton Sisters is true except the part about being in the the back of Lizzy's car.
And it was with her court appointed chaffeur, Raoul.
Whom if you recall was the very same Raoul that you shared that special half hour with in the mensroom at Bergdorf's.

And S'tan my darling S'tan, I was never a beard for either of them but a simple hired stud though you are correct that I was indeed well paid. And I no longer indulge in Barbituates or
"Barbies" as you call them.
as for Paris and Nicole, maybe they can get Madonna to teach them Kaballah and save their souls like she has.
so she skanky what's wrong with that?? She doesn't apologize for it. She young & rich let her have her fun and don't hate on her. Sorry if I offened anyone with BITCH but I don't consider it as name calling (no more than responding to my views as LIMEPIT!!!). See what I'm sayin???
Who cares anyway??? Me thinking paris Hilton is cute is not going to effect the world. Geesh, I'm not saying she should run for freaking President. Not everyone has to agree to get along..
Dear sweet reddstar...I wasn't calling you LIMEPIT, I was suggesting that we throw Paris into the limepit.

Young and rich isn't reason to hate anyone but in Paris' case it's not only because she's young and rich but because she's a mindless bimbo with nothing to offer of any real substance. And as far as skanky goes...well we love skanky...but smart skanky, doll.

And on the motherboards we pride ourselves on everyone at least trying to get along.

I'd love to raid her closet just so I can donate all that hideous crap to the circus.
Yeah, when Bobby said "LIMEPIT!!!!!!" I knew he meant we should take this into the Topic called "Limepit" but I didn't say anything because I thought your "BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was funny and I wanted a cat fight. You see we are all pretty much hateful bitches here. Oh well...
Welcome again reddstar.

Now back to Paris...
I wouldn't mind her hideousness so much if she wasn't spawning a generation of vacunt (I hope that's how you spell it) young girls. I don't know where you live but in my neighborhood (The East Village NYC) these Paris wanna-be girls are everywhere.
I wish someone would behead them too.
It takes a little more than 1 word for me do go off the deep end. I have to admit it did hurt my feelings. I got heckled my first post. I have never posted on any site before. I was going to say "feeling hurter" but I went with bitch instead, not meaning to offend of course.
NOW I get it. That I understand. I don't live to far from D-Town (Detroit)I try to stay away from the snooty parts because of that.
I've worked for every penny I have and think it's fun watching these rich girls making a mess everywhere they go (that doesn't sound right, does it?). I'm also a reality whore. I love hateful bitches. How could I not? I am one.
Hey, was that a pic of you with your white dog on the pets topic? WOO HOO! Hey there sexy!!!
I have 2 dogs and a cat myself. They are my LIFE. All adopted from pounds and shelters. I make them clothes but my little one's favorite is her LV baseball shirt.
Yeah, that's me and my little Casanova.
We watch Animal Cops Detroit all the time.
I LOVE Debbie McDonald. She's so hot now that she wears make up. She must drive all the girls crazy in Detroit. As a matter of fact, my little boy plays with 2 dogs that were on Animal Cops New York. One was the pit bull that was kept in a tiny little crate which stunted his growth. The other was the pit that had the chain embedded into his neck. They are both fine now and have great homes. My Casanova loves to play with them.
But wait a minute...
this is supposed to be about another dog, Paris Hilton.(sorry, I couldn't help myself).

Anyway reddstar,
Don't ever be offended by any of us trash on The Motherboards, we need more people like you to stir things up. Otherwise we get bored. Check out some of the other topics. We can always use another good bitch!

Debbie McDonald and Animal Cops Detroit


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See, I love that. I think she is major. I mean, she's a man of course, but now she wears blue eye shadow and a little blush. HOT!!! And her hair is done now. It's very "Cut 'N Curl" from the Mall but at least she's making an effort.
Seriously, I think those guys are great. I am always amazed by the things people do to animals. (and people for that matter but that's a bigger issue) They are America's Heroes.

Now getting back to Paris and Nicole...
You see, Debbie McDonald with her blue eyeshadow and sad lesbian hair cut is so much more beautiful to me than Paris and her sickly neurotic tea cup dog. Someone should shoot that thing and put it out of its misery.


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reddstar, anyone who gets heckled on their first post is a major talent in the Mboardsmaking.

Now I'm confused about all the round robin with Bobby and, was it, Quaaludes? I know for sure Bobby is telling the truth about Raoul though because Raoul stold me Bobby was way bigger than Daddy and Raoul would only do that if Daddy had refused the reach around. Raoul disses anyone's size who refuses. Lizzy told me that.

Paris Hilton is exactly what S'tan says she is.

A clue to that is how Paris figured out she can make big bank by skanking anyway possible so why not do a hamburger commercial by having sex with a car. It takes a truly glassy-eyed sub-genius to figure out that doing soft-core for the mainstream is a job guaranteed for life, or as long as you can get a surgeon to rejuvenate you. Let's just say she was born on earth but her mind is still in process. The most pathetic thing is with all the clan bucks she's turned herself out for no reason at all. Just pure self-destruction. That's why her big effort to turn herself in to a torrent of images in the media equals self-inflicted violence. She's in a kind of girlfight with herself.
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VERY deep Seven, I just think she's cute. I'm not from NYC so I don't have "inside" info on her. I don't know what kind of person she is. Every interview I've seen she just says "that's hot" (which IS irritating)but I like the show. I'll watch the first show with Kim Stewart but I'll miss Nicole she was my favorite part. No one watches that show for these 2 idiots views on the world and politics, they watch it to see how they can make fools of themselves each week.
Thanx for your support on the heckling sweetie, I appreciate it.
Bobby is a sweetheart!
So yeah.....we met her. She gave the worst introduction, I won't even attempt to say it here. But she was sweet , I'll give her that. If your wondering as I was , what the hell Paris has to do with Debbie/Blondie as well as the Gay Community.....One of the first singles from her new CD is a cover of "Heart of Glass" so there was a bit of promotion to it. Other than that the show ROCKED! it really was one of our best. Debbie was ON IT! and 7,000 people showed up! Really fun. LA was as fun as always but as always, on the 7th day ......GET ME OUT OF HERE!
The other guy is Dax (the most beautiful man in the world) he is a friend from LA who is an amazing fire performer, he opened the show with Debbie singing Good Boys. He was spinning fire behind her, it looked amazing! And I cant believe you clocked the Andrew sisters, because it was not intended to be that way and they just kept coming up throughout my trip. it did end up looking liks a demonic USO tour show.

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