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I love these girls and want to rescue them from the "Crap TV" thread. I've never had a job either, and would love to find out how to make money like a normal person!

To achieve my education, studied the out-takes last night from the "Simple Life" DVD with Jackie. Watching Princesses try to wash a pack of five bull-terriers in twenty minutes, and clean out their anal glands - who knew how hard it was? Or even that such a task existed, to be paid for? Jackie & I had to Google 'anal glands,' and learned so much.

Jackie observed that the girls are in truth Radical Faeries: a wakening social conscience in gaudy fluffy outfits, the excessive favouring of pink & glitter, and the attempt to fit in, however poorly, with the real world, all the while tap-dancing, singing, putting on mascara and losing things. Then when you get in trouble, you bat your eyelashes, give the finger and fall down giggling. Then everyone loves you and you kiss everyone.

Loved her telling some yokel at Sonic fast-food joint that she and Nicole were the "Sonic Sisters" and owned the Sonic chain. Very faerie.

When Paris asks "What's a tail-gate?" then has to kick one open with her $600. Gucci pumps I feel that something violent has been done to the status quo.

They should be invited to a Radical Faerie camp to bone up on their anarchic techniques, and be enjoined to donate their excess wardrobe to the Goat Boutique.

Even though Paris can pay for just about anything, including a TV network, her being on this show does prove that she & her friend might like to "find out" what ARE those things that money can't buy?! However staged it is.

Next she has to learn to spend her money like Terry Southern's "Magic Christian." Again, show up in some small town and buy everyone tons of stuff - both things they need like college educations, and things they don't need - like pink tutus for cows, or a radio station that only plays music she & Nicole approve of - and then disappear, leaving everyone to fall down, give them the finger and giggle.
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They so damn cute together. Hot chicks that are dumber than a box of rocks. It can't get any hotter than that.
Just think, Paris is going to one day split the fortune of the Hilton hotels with her sister.
And Nicole, well the least I can say is that her mother beat her fathers ass. That's one for the book's.
I do think that these two get a bad rap alot but they haven't shown any evil. I actually felt bad for Hilton during her recent video scandal.

Ritchie, I believe has even better things to come. Her character and the fact that she is Biracial will appeal to many in this country. Hally Berry, Lenny Kravitz, Derick Jeter and now Nichole as well as countless others. They may be the truest of what this country stands for. Or should.
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I turned to my boyfriend at Studio Six (an Atlantic City gay bar that was taken over by a twenty- something bi birthday party)after looking at several girls in strappy sandals and skimpy gauzy knock off dresses(in sub zero weather) and said this is what Carrie Bradshaw and Paris Hilton have wrought. Actually, I liked it, at least they bothered to try.
(Paris is cool but Carrie is better.)
Nicole is the rowdy sub who misbehaves for Domme Paris' pleasure. She knows it amuses her Queen enormously to see her buffoonery. Whatever scrapes they get into, Nicole always behaves worse and takes it to another level of insanity. When she makes Paris laugh at something she's done, she's accomplished her goal in life.

I hope at least they're making it with each other.

Next episode: They try out being a Domme-and-sub team for one night at Manhattan's famed Whipshack. Even better: an entire SEASON of them at the Shack.
Once again they have to try to earn a living!
WHY do we find this so wonderfully sick and amusing?
They made $10 babysitting and Nicole goes, "That will buy me ONE nail." As in nail salon...

Got VERY excited seeing them go-go/hoochie dancing on a bar at the end of the show. I thought, At Last! They're discovering SEX WORK! But no. I didn't see them collect ONE tip! JC! Someone's gotta teach them to cash in on the goods.

SO: Paris as a Domme, but now I think Nicole would make a great Switch. With the client watching from his corner, Paris will tie up Nicole, who will scream and fight. Then she could get loose... and they could BOTH beat up on the client... that I've got booked for them... as we speak. THAT should keep them in gas for a few days, not to mention a whole manicure.
Actually I was shocked -- SHOCKED -- when someone told me recently that Nicole Ritchie was a biracial "high yella" like myself. (I never connected her last name Ritchie to Lionel Ritchie). Normally I can spot my own kind pretty easily, but Miss Ritchie totally passes. Never would've guessed. I wonder what my black buddies from high school who used to call me Casper the Friendly Ghost would say.
Though bi-recial, she's adopted by Ritchie, so she isn't his offspring. He and his wife 'found' her performing ( I forget whose stage act it was but it was someone prominent) when she was, like, only eight or something like that. Ritchie was kind of apalled that when he asked about her and who she was no one really wanted to claim her, she was like a parentless waif.
I heard she was bastard child of Lionel Richies drummer or smth. Sheila E's brother infact.

I actually think she's really funny, on the edge though, like she could go all Courtney any day... but if u watch that Road Trip show she is has a real acid humor. Paris is just so bland to me like a empty shell of a doll... all painted and doll like but just empty vacant eyes/stare ...
Nichole was over the edge as a heroin habitue. So its just a matter of time before she slips back, if she doesn't already have a toe in to it now. Her humor is actually snide most the time. Like I said here earlier, they are like two 16 year old BOYS. Hilton I think is already down on this show, she is slightly embarrassed by Ritchie now, its easy to read on her. She's really hoping for a legitimate acting gig and this show is just too adolescent for her now. I think she is tired of Ritchie but of course caught in a contract. It would be most interesting if the series ended with them not even talking to each other anymore.

Hollywood News > Paris Hilton gets all bruised and battered!:

New York, July 31 (ANI):

All doesn't seems to be going well with Paris Hilton these days.

Soon after she split with beau Nick Carter, the hotel heiress has been snapped with visible bruises on her face and arms.

A report in E-Online says that the bruises are reportedly outcomes of a squabble and adds that Paris's reps are tight lipped about the injuries.

"Paris' friends and family want her to go to the police and press charges against the person responsible, but Paris hasn't yet made up her mind," E-Online's columnist Ted Casablanca was quoted as saying, in the report

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