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This band is sick, as in good and as in twisted oversexed ho-electro-rock-with a wink of an eye and a bump in the groin! (OK I KNOW that the Village People said that but it works here!)
I only have The Teaches Of Peaches and the new one, Impeach My Bush (hehe, cute). However, I was laughing myself silly on the bus this morning, I'm sure I was getting a lot of strange looks and rude comments thrown my way.
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On constant rotation at our house!

Peaches' track "The Boys Wanna Be Her" from her latest album "Impeach My Bush" features Joan Jett and from what we've heard is also a tribute to her!

It has a totally f'ed up video landing somewhere between Gary Glitter, Iggy Pop, Rocky Horror and a Japanese sex film.

She is currently pulling together a multi-media project about how the song "Fuck The Pain Away" from her first album has had an impact on a number of artists, musicians and general public. She's heard stories of tatoos, paintings, covers etc. and wants to gather them all together for a show.

Find more about the project in her blog on Myspace

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Hey kids,

We have two extra tickets to the Peaches show @ Webster Hall on Saturday May 16th.

We aren't going to be able to go because we'll have out of town guests that night and will be going to Dances of Vice with them...

We'd love someone we know to get the tickets @ a deep discount vs them going to waste.

Hit us up if you are interested.
We've seen Peaches a couple times, and her shows are OFF THE HOOK!

This is CRAZY... We got tickets for the Dec 11th show in NYC:

From her Official Site

Peaches, the bad girl of electro punk, and Chilly Gonzales, piano
virtuoso and rap entertainer, will bring their unique, completely
stripped version of “Jesus Christ Superstar” the rock opera, to
the stage of HAU 1.

They'll narrate the story of the last week in the life of Jesus
Christ – from entering Jerusalem until the crucifixion, using songs
from the musical. Peaches will sing all roles including: Jesus, Maria
Magdalena, the disciples and the Pharisees, alongside Gonzales' piano
accompaniment. Don't miss this concert version of Jesus Christ
Superstar by two extra-ordinary performers!

Peaches: “To perform Jesus Christ Superstar as a one-woman-song is
a crazy enterprise. Very demanding and very difficult. When I was
sixteen I often sang the whole musical to myself all alone in my room.
It tells an entire story without spoken text, only with vocals, in the
style of a rock opera. I’m a performer, my concerts are extravagant
and play with exaggerations. This project allows me to do without all
this. I want to confront this task totally exposed, because it is a
possibility. It's a question of stamina.

When I told Gonzales about this crazy idea he replied: ‘I want to
accompany you on piano.’ Until then, we didn’t know that we shared
an obsession for this musical, and that secretly both of us already
knew it by heart.”

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