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Anyone a fan of this amazing band? They are so cool to combine brilliant lyrics with the dance music of the current day. And they wrote a musical as weel--Closer To Heaven--which is fabulous, about gays and club kids and drug addicts, and clubland, etc. I'm gonna try to get their new album sometime soonn.
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Hey Andrea Smile

We're big PSB fans here... Who can deny that PLEASE and VERY are two of the most classic ALBUMS ever?

However, we've felt that they've been BEING BORING lately... The new album has gotten a lot of critical acclaim... we picked it up, and were disappointed. There were a 3-4 decent tracks, but unless you were a big fan of the last 2, you should hold on to your $$$ for the domestic.

Hey Satori!
I picked up the new album and isn't it funny that whenever the PSB come out with a new ablbum they ALWAYS compare it to their 80's material? Fundamental sounds good, but it's not the old PBS, but the music's not bad, some of it's a bit down tempo. I'm with Stupid is great, and the video stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams from Little Britain. I had to laugh at some of the lyrics though, that Neil Tennant is quite witty. That said however they need to do a dance record, like Introspective or most of Very. Very is a great album I agree. And of the last two real albums, Nightlife was pretty goo, Release was not a dance record in the least!

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